Google is at it again. For quite some time, they’ve been encouraging their customers to create mobile websites that are compatible with smartphones. These mobile sites aren ‘t just readable from a smartphone but also are user-friendly. The content is easily readable, the buttons are large, and overall, the site can be fully navigated from the touch of a finger.

Well, Google has been right all along. Mobile-friendly websites aren ‘t just an added bonus to your company; they ‘re necessities.

A survey conducted by Sterling Research and SmithGeiger found that out of 1,100 smartphone users, two-thirds said that a mobile website makes them more likely to buy the product or service, 61 percent said they ‘ll click to a different site if they can ‘t find what they ‘re looking for in five seconds and 72 percent said that mobile websites are important.

Mobile Websites are a Must Have

So there you have it. Mobile websites are must-haves for today ‘s businesses and one more way that you can keep relevant in an increasingly competitive market driven by digital technology. So, now the real question, how do you get a high-quality mobile website? Is it just another headache around the corner? Fortunately, no.

Mobile websites are actually very easy for web developers to create. Consider that a mobile-friendly website should have simple text and large buttons. Fancy JavaScript and programs like Flash are also no-nos since they aren ‘t compatible on mobile platforms. Of course, Google also recommends having Google mobile ads to drive traffic, but that ‘s completely up to you.

Think Like a User

Basically, you need to think like the user and consider the things that would make a mobile-friendly site favorable to you. For example, most users are not sitting on a park bench looking to engage in long text and pretty images. Instead, they ‘re sitting at a stoplight with a cup of coffee in their hand and want to learn about what you do – and fast.

At Semgeeks, we hear a lot of questions regarding mobile websites, such as – Are they expensive? Can I create them on my own? The good news is that mobile-friendly websites are far less expensive than traditional websites because of their content and simplistic interface. They are, however, difficult to create on your own since they need to be compatible across mobile platforms – think Android, Windows and iOS.

There are also issues with the screen size since the content needs to be significantly reduced to fit the screen accordingly.This is one area where you should work with a web development company to get the best results. After all, if you ‘re going to do things, you may as well do them right.

The good news is that you don ‘t have to give much thought to a smartphone-friendly website because these sites are the face of the future and every company should have one. The last thing you want to do is give your potential customers a desktop experience on a smartphone. Chances are, they ‘ll go somewhere else and you ‘ll be missing out on business to a competitor, and no one wants that.