When I was first told I would be a part of the SEO team, I honestly did not know what the acronym stood for. I was told I would be helping with content writing and blog editing, but I did not know that those tasks were encompassed by an entire section of the company. However, I am glad I was assigned to SEO, rather than staying in my comfort zone, just being assigned small tasks relevant to writing.

I learned a ton of information during my time at Semgeeks. For starters, I had never used so many Google applications in unison with each other–Gmail, Drive, the chats, Analytics–let alone seen the full potential of them when working within a company. After using TextBroker often, I am looking into signing up as a writer. Along with that, learning how to use WordPress was a very basic intro to website development, but I had never done anything like that before so it was beneficial. Aside from all of this, I obviously learned a lot about SEO itself, I knew nothing about how much goes into a single Google search from the marketing/client point of view. Even learning about Google MyBusiness was very interesting considering every search I have made comes up with that dialogue box, but I never knew there was an entire application behind it for clients. I would now consider myself proficient in all of the Google programs we used here and also have a much better idea of goes into online marketing.

One eye-opening experience was seeing how many checks and edits go into an infographic or blog. The procedure here is necessary in order to give the best possible content to the client. As a Finance Major/Professional Writing Minor, I got plenty of editing practice with the numerous blogs I worked on during my time here. My school studies, specifically my writing classes, prepared me for taking care of those blogs. It actually opened my eyes to how much mediocre content can slip through the cracks into the marketing world if a company like Semgeeks is not around to fix it up. Everything I learned and experienced, as stated earlier, will be beneficial for my future.

The SEO team I worked with was extremely welcoming and helpful whenever I had any questions. They taught me all of the procedures and applications with ease and provided a very chill environment for work and meetings. I worked at a comfortable pace, never overwhelmed by the amount of work they would add to my agenda. The Semgeeks team as a whole is a cool, relaxed group. Nobody is expected to dress up in traditional business attire. I believe the more you close the gap between home and work, the more comfortable the employees are, increasing productivity. Between the clothes, the music, and the general atmosphere, Semgeeks is moving in the right direction, and other businesses should do away with dated, old-school company guidelines.

Although my stay was short, I have a lot of positivity to take away from my internship here at Semgeeks. This was my first taste of “real world hours” and was a great introduction to the 9-5 work schedule. The quirkiness of this office is definitely unique, and it is way better than an intense business environment. I am glad I was given this opportunity and wish everybody at Semgeeks the best of luck with their future here and their future endeavors.