Mid-funnel marketing often gets overlooked compared to the efforts that companies put toward attracting new leads. When lead generation is important, you’ll also want to consider how focusing on the middle of the funnel can increase your company’s marketing ROI. At the mid-funnel level, customers are at a unique point where they could go either way regarding doing business with your company. Knowing how to tap into their specific needs leads to more conversions.

mid-funnel marketing roiUnderstanding Why Mid-Funnel Matters:

At the top of the funnel, marketing plans aim to generate brand awareness that increases new leads. The bottom of the funnel is where you might focus on adding discounts or specials that could save a sale. At the mid-level, you have people who are ready to act. Using marketing strategies that focus on this portion of the funnel stops people from being turned away when you have their most captive attention.

Warmer Leads Equal Higher Conversion Rates

When you think about it, no one wants to be stuck in the middle of the funnel. After all, someone at the mid-funnel level has a need that they want to meet. Catering to those needs helps to warm them up, which will lead to higher conversion rates. For example, you might want to include product demonstrations that are targeted to people at this stage to help them visualize how your company’s goods can improve their lives.

Building Trust and Relationships Leads to Higher Returns

Social media marketing is beneficial for mid-funnel members of the target audience. Posting relevant customer experiences can help to build trust in your company. You may also choose to share testimonies or case studies with people at this level to help them feel more comfortable taking action now. Social media listening tools can also help you to identify hang-ups that could be keeping people from moving to the bottom of the funnel. Showing the target audience that your company is evolving to meet new needs can also help to increase the ROI.

Optimizing Your Overall Funnel

Are you ready to turn your funnel into a conversion goldmine? Here are some of the top ways to use spotlight-worthy strategies to optimize your funnel at every level.

Create Content That Captivates

Carefully crafted content resonates with people at all levels of the marketing funnel, but there are a few strategies that you can use to appeal to those in the mid-level. At this stage of the decision-making process, the target audience has found your company’s products or services to be a potential solution to their challenges. Now, you can use webinars, case studies, and project demonstrations to tap into their desire to learn more. Helping the mid-funnel customer feel more informed about a product builds trust that they are making the right decision by taking action.

Increase Personalization

Email segmentation makes it possible to send personalized messages directly to the people who are at the mid-funnel level. Segmenting the target audience into various levels makes it easier to send out mass email campaigns that drive conversion rates. These emails might include more information about a specific product, or you could highlight how a specific service changes people’s lives.

Focus On Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing involves taking the ones that the initial marketing campaigns and walking them through the next phases of the decision-making process. At the mid-funnel level, it’s ideal if a prospective customer never leaves the website, but it is also possible to utilize personalized marketing strategies to entice them to come back. At this mid-funnel point, you know that someone is interested in what your business has to offer. Now, you can work with your marketing team to overcome sticking points that could be causing a lead to get stuck mid-funnel. From sending a nudge through email to responding to a question online, this is the point when you want to make sure the customer feels valued.

Engage and Convert

Retargeting ads are a great way to continue to keep mid-funnel customers engaged on social media. Sometimes, a person needs to view an advertisement several times before they take action. Using data analytics can also help to identify which marketing strategies keep people engaged and choosing to convert to a sale.

As you work with our team to refine your company’s marketing plan, you’ll likely encounter us talking about mid-funnel customers. Remembering that this group of customers is ready to act can serve as inspiration for nurturing those leads that are moving closer to converting every day.

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