If you’ve believed that Pinterest was a small player in a big playing field, think again. Pinterest has established itself as being one of the fastest growing social networks—ever. Not only has the site experienced exponential growth in user activity and as a referring site, but also there is strong buying power that other social sites just don’t have. Consider that Pinterest users buy more often, spend more frequently and purchase larger quantities than any other social network.

So, what’s the next step? Getting your business optimized on Pinterest!

Here’s how.

Choose an Optimized Username

Pinterest business accounts were launched in the fall of 2012, giving marketers a new platform to work with. To be recognized, select a username that is straightforward. If your company name doesn’t fit in the 15-character limit, choose a memorable and keyword savvy username instead.

Optimize the ‘About’ Section

You get 200 characters to define your business, so use it wisely. What should you aim for? A keyword rich description that addresses the who, what, why and where of your company. Don’t forget to add in the URL of your website!

Select a Creative Pinboard Name

Do you know how many boards have general titles like, “For the Office,” or “Products I Love?” Many. Differentiate your board by choosing a name that closely aligns with the things your audience may be searching for.

Be Smart about Pin Descriptions

Pin descriptions give you 500 characters to work with. You have plenty of room to express ideas and commentary, but be sure to include terms that your users will relate to. Long-tail keywords are beneficial since they help cut through the clutter, so don’t be afraid to include things like your location or audience in the descriptions. Using hashtags will also help your pins to be found easily.

Add Links Back to Your Site

Include a reference link back to your website with your pins. If you re-pin a post with your products, include the link by editing the description. By doing this simple step, you’re ensuring that the photo came from your company and enhancing e-commerce opportunities. 

Pinterest currently has 11 million users, and it’s one of the best sites for showing visual content that match people’s lifestyles. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of the Pinterest community.