Let’s face it—multi-channel social media campaigns, full-scale SEO, and top-to-bottom website redesign services can be expensive. While these efforts certainly produce results, they can be price prohibitive for market newcomers, nonprofits, and institutions with tight purse strings. 

How can today’s organizations unlock new revenue without spending half their net worth on marketing? Luckily, there are cost-effective options for brands looking to maximize their marketing spend. 

For businesses with ROI top of mind, the following low-cost, high-impact digital marketing tactics can help make new connections and build customer loyalty. 

#1 Re-Optimize Your Website

If a website rebuild isn’t in the cards (or the budget) for your organization, consider a reoptimization instead. There are a few critical search engine optimization (SEO) tactics you can use to boost your rank without breaking the bank:

Keyword integration

– Organically incorporate keywords into your landing page content and existing blog posts. Try to focus on keywords that are relevant to your brand—topical relevance is very important for ranking in today’s search engine algorithms.


– There are two primary tactics that can increase the credibility of your site (another key SEO metric): linking to high-authority pages throughout the web and linking to other pages on your website. Consider adding links to credible sources, your website’s pillar pages, or both to your existing website content.

Mobile optimization

– A recent Pew poll reported that nearly 75% of US consumers have made a purchase from their mobile device. While it isn’t always the cheapest option, optimizing your current website for mobile browsing can help you accommodate customers who exclusively browse (and, more importantly, make purchases) from their smartphones.

#2 Amp Up Your Socials

If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to boost your social media presence or turn your profiles into marketing assets, there are two methods you should consider:

Leveraging user-generated content

– Generating new social media content is time-consuming—and time is money. User-generated content (like customer reviews) boasts a wealth of posting potential, especially if you’re looking to build brand trust: a vast majority of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from someone they know.

Optimizing your profiles

– No matter which social media platforms you’re currently using, invest in optimization to maximize their conversion potential. Include clickable links in your bios, use your brand’s custom graphics whenever possible, and include customer calls to action in your posts.

#3 Run a Paid SEM Ad

While it might sound counterintuitive, running a pay-per-click (PPC) search engine ad is an excellent budget-friendly marketing tactic. Why?

It’s highly customizable

– PPC campaigns are versatile. Setting maximum bid prices, honing your negative keywords, and choosing the right platform can all help you maximize ROI—even if your budget is low.

It produces results instantly

– While organic search engine marketing (SEM) tactics like SEO can take time to generate results, PPC ads appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) as soon as they’re published. They’re immediately visible to search engine users.

It targets high-intent searchers

– Consumers searching for keywords related to your products or services show high purchase intent. Capitalizing on that intent is the primary goal of any PPC marketing strategy.

While you’ll still have to spend money to build, publish, and tweak a PPC ad, it’s a cost-effective way to target consumers throughout the sales funnel.

The Best Way to Boost Efficiency? Work with Pros

Unless you’re a marketing expert yourself, you likely don’t have an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms, back-end social media functions, or paid ad strategies. 

That lack of familiarity can be costly: Time spent teaching yourself the basics might not be as cost-effective as investing in expertise. 

Marketing pros at a paid social agency, for instance, deeply understand how investments in specific channels and content will hit with consumers. They can:

  • Predict how consumers will respond to certain tactics
  • Choose strategies that align with a brand’s budget
  • Make data-driven adjustments to campaigns to maximize marketing spend

While it will require an upfront investment, working with a marketing professional is perhaps the best way to ensure efficient spending and tangible results during your next marketing push.

Semgeeks: Your Partner for Scalable Digital Marketing

While there are certainly budget-friendly strategies businesses can leverage for digital marketing, working with a marketing professional is the best approach for cost-conscious institutions looking to unlock new revenue. 

And if you’re searching for a digital marketing partner with ROI top of mind, turn to Semgeeks. We’re a NJ SEO company with expertise in every facet of digital marketing—from PPC to socials and website redesign. We offer scalable, cost-effective solutions for brands ready to grow. 

When you want maximal results, you need a marketing geek. Reach out to us to schedule a strategy session today.