When people are searching for a lawyer, they tend to choose the fastest and most efficient route. Currently, approximately 38% of clients who need legal assistance begin their search online, which means that focusing on marketing can help your law firm recruit more clients. Law firms today face many challenges that include trying to stand out in a saturated market that is filled with lawyers all trying to vie for the target audience’s attention.

Your firm may also face unique challenges due to the need to focus on clients within a specific geographic area. Or, you might struggle with helping prospective clients find your law firm’s website when they have no idea what to look for at first. While the road to attracting more clients might be paved with challenges, focusing on increasing your firm’s online presence makes it easier to increase law firm leads.

Legal SEO StrategiesThe Solution: Legal SEO

Search Engine Optimization involves making changes to your law firm’s website and incorporating other lawyer SEO strategies that bring more organic traffic to the home and landing pages. Increasing search rankings naturally increase website visits from potential clients who are more likely to request a consultation when they find the information they need.

Dominating Search Engines: Core Legal SEO Strategies

Law firm SEO practices are similar to the strategies that other businesses use. But, there are a few twists that our team uses to customize the marketing plan to fit your law firm’s needs. Taking a look at these core strategies gives you insight into how our marketing services help to increase law firm leads.

•Conducting Keyword Research

Identifying relevant keywords that potential clients use to find legal services makes it more likely that search engines will pull up your website. Long-tail keywords such as, “how to find a personal injury lawyer near me,” are beneficial for attracting qualified leads.

•Viewing Content As Being King-

Someone who is facing new legal issues is also likely looking for information that answers their questions. Keep in mind that you’ll want to make sure that any content your law firm offers on the website should address legal challenges that are pertinent to your practice areas. Including a mixture of blog posts, case studies, FAQs and targeted landing pages on your law firm’s website creates diverse content to reach a wider target audience.

•Focusing On Technical SEO Optimization

Law firm SEO practices also need to go deeper than just the words on each page. Structuring your law firm’s website to be user-friendly and intuitive ensures that people who land on its pages continue to stay there long enough to learn about your services. Websites today must also be mobile-friendly, which helps search engines and clients find them more easily.

Building Authority and Backlinks

Any legal firm can publish a website, but it’s a lot harder to establish one that demonstrates credibility. One of the most important law firm SEO practices is using online reviews from satisfied clients to establish authority. Receiving local citations for SEO also helps to establish trust with your target audience which makes them more likely to follow a page’s call to action.

Backlinks are another method for increasing search engine rankings. The top-ranked websites on search engine results have 3.8% more backlinks compared to lower-ranking ones. When other sources view your law firm’s website as valuable, it only makes sense that the search engines will think users will think so, too.

Taking Action: Implement Your Legal SEO Strategy

Similar to the research that you put into your cases, it’s also important to analyze how well newly implemented lawyer SEO strategies are working. Our SEO marketing team knows how to use the latest tools and analytic software to track progress and identify areas that can benefit from adjustments. Making it a goal to constantly improve SEO strategies is the key to success in attracting more clients.

When you know your law firm could benefit from improving its web presence, focusing on implementing essential SEO strategies is a great place to start. Starting by doing keyword research can help you use new content on your website to boost search rankings. Keeping content fresh and relevant to your target audience is also important, and building backlinks establishes your law firm’s website’s authenticity.

The long-term benefits of a well-executed legal SEO strategy include increasing brand awareness that leads to organic lead generation. Semgeeks is ready to help you increase law firm leads and streamline client acquisition practices that promote growth. Give us a call or fill out our online form today to get a free legal SEO audit that helps your law firm get started on maximizing its online visibility.