Do you love using Instagram? That’s great news, because Instagram is a useful tool for connecting with customers, discovering what your audience likes and fueling your other marketing channels. Like other social channels, Instagram is more than posting images and gaining followers. It’s about engagement. The more engaged your audience is, the more likely the are to convert.

Instagram is all about the visuals! Here are the most effective ways to grow your business on Instagram using visual elements.

Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

Color is one of the most powerful ways to bring identity to your Instagram profile. You can use your chosen color palette for aesthetics and function. If you’re a food blogger taking pictures of plates of food, a clean white background helps users focus on the details. Also, your Instagram profile should tell a story, so choose a cohesive color scheme. Otherwise, your photos may look like a jumbled mess, even if they look good individually.

Find a Filter You Love

Instagram filters are used to enhance photos and support your goals. Some give photos a vintage look and feel while others enhance specific colors and tones. Experiment with different filters, but choose just one for your photos. A single filter gives your profile a cohesive appearance that strengthens your brand identity.

Pay Attention to Composition

Composition is the number of objects that are featured in your photos. Different brands have different compositions, so it’s up to you and what works best for your brand. The key is to feature similar compositions in your photos so that users know what to expect. A popular composition is “flat lay” which takes a photo from birds-eye view.

Use Cropping

Instagram makes it easy to crop your photos until you achieve the desired result. This is a great option if your photos have busy backgrounds that could be distracting to users. Use the cropping tool to focus on the main object and give your images a unique brand style. For example, if your brand sells shoes, you can crop out the model’s body and focus solely on the footwear.

Insert Quotes

Even though Instagram is a visual platform, you can’t operate solely on visuals. Your audience wants to hear from you, and the best way to do this is by sharing a few messages with them. To keep consistent with the rest of your posts, create quotes and apply the same color palette and filter. It could say something along the lines of, “Keep calm and carry on.”

For the best engagement on Instagram, create a consistent and recognizable presence. Your audience will know what they can expect from you, and you can use your profile to support your other social channels.