In my early years at Communications High School, I didn’t realize that I would take such an interest in graphic design and web development. The more I became exposed to these courses through electives at my school, the more I realized that I truly have a passion for web design and development. In my junior year, I learned a lot about design and found that I finished my projects pretty quickly. In advanced design, I continued to learn and push myself creatively. I also loved my classes in web design and felt such gratification when I would bring my ideas to life on a webpage. I have always been interested in technology and computers, but with a very creative side, I couldn’t see myself as a basic computer programmer because that wouldn’t fulfill my artsy side. 

I was so excited when I researched companies that support mentorship and learned that Semgeeks offered web development and design internships to Communications High School students. I really felt like I had met my match and was so happy to be offered an interview. When I was accepted and I learned I would be completing my mentorship with the design team, I felt so grateful.

My time at Semgeeks has been incredibly fulfilling. I remember feeling some apprehension before starting on my first day. I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing, and seeing three large screens on my desk was a little overwhelming because I had never worked with multiple screens. However, everyone around me quickly put me at ease, and before I knew it, I was part of the team. Often, interns are known to be the people who get the jobs that nobody else wants to do. At Semgeeks, I felt like the work I was doing made a real impact. I got to sit in on meetings and present the work I had completed in front of the design team. I worked collaboratively with another intern, Lucia, and really believe that these experiences helped me in ways that a classroom simply can’t. Getting feedback and suggestions on edits was an instrumental part of my growth at Semgeeks. Together, Lucia and I bounced our ideas off of one another and came up with a final product that Semgeeks liked. 

Though some of the tasks assigned were not necessarily client-based, I saw the amount of time and work that is needed to keep a business’s promotional materials fresh and current. I learned firsthand that when a business takes off and their client base grows, it can be challenging to keep up with its own branding. I was entrusted with some of this meaningful work that had been pushed aside for more time sensitive projects.

I was very fortunate to intern at Semgeeks as they continue to expand and grow. I was involved in many different projects and assignments and got a comprehensive taste of working for a professional organization. I gained experience working with a web development and design platform that I have not had any previous exposure to, and will now use in my future. I am truly grateful that the team at Semgeeks was so professional, receptive, and supportive of me. I gained so much personally and professionally from my time at Semgeeks. Through my experiences as a designer and developer next year at TCNJ, and wherever the next step of my career takes me, I will always remember my time here at Semgeeks fondly.