At Rider University School of Business Administration, they significantly emphasize the importance of “professionalism” in different approaches. For instance, how you dress, e-mail, communicate, and generally present yourself, all add up to your image of “professionalism.”
This was always a worry of mine. I found myself over-analyzing a simple email reply, if my attire was “business professional,” if my eye contact with an employer was too strong, or if I was clearly able to state my goals and not let my nerves get the best of me. Of course, I know that my professors’ intentions were not to scare me, but only to prepare me for a future career opportunity.

Through these tips and lessons, I confidently decided I was ready for an internship. I started to research the companies I could potentially intern with. When I came across Semgeeks’ website, I was blown away. Semgeeks was not only a well-established digital marketing firm, but they were a firm with personality. It had a professional tone while also being engaging, appealing, and open. The Semgeeks team, just from the website alone, seemed like they all enjoyed working together and for the company. I knew just from reading about Semgeeks on their website that this was my ideal work environment and a job that I wanted in the future.

After applying and receiving the internship to work in their marketing department, I was beyond excited. I showed up on the first day 15 minutes early, in my business professional outfit, my backpack which had a notebook, planner, two folders, my laptop, different color pens, three water bottles, and my lunch box. Definitely looking like a newbie. When I walked in, I was greeted by the office manager Melissa. She smiled and told me that I do not have to dress in business professional clothing here, that Semgeeks is a “relaxed environment.” Of course, Melissa said no ripped jeans or inappropriate shirts were allowed, but I knew I would never wear that anyway. She then proceeded to show me around the building and then left me at my own desk. As I was unloading my backpack, the Semgeeks team started to roll in. One by one, all with different personalities, casual outfits, and a smile. It was clear to me at that moment that each Semgeeks employee was actually happy working here, and I was determined to learn for myself exactly what made them specifically happy.

Every Monday morning started with the weekly Semgeeks Morning Huddle. Each department of the company would come together to talk about their own individual upcoming events, current projects, and business/technology news. The common goal of the Morning Huddle was to ensure that communication was clear throughout the company by having each department speak about the roles they had with that particular client. After this was over, the departments broke apart and started getting to work. Back at my desk I was given a list of things to do, with Christina and Aimee, members of the content team, guiding me through whenever I had questions (and I ended up having a lot of questions). When I would have a question I would just turn around and ask one of them, for the work environment was so open, anyone could have a conversation and it would not break “the office silence” because there weren’t any awkward silences. Soft music was always playing and the staff would ask one another for advice, help, or if anyone wanted to go grab a quick bite at lunch. Working in the Semgeeks environment gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get to know fellow “geeks” and learn from them.

I have learned so much through this internship. From learning about different programs such as Adobe Spark, MailChimp, and Sprout to how to manage different accounts’ social media platforms and creating their social media calendars, it has taught me so much useful information pertaining to my major. But what Semgeeks taught me about the business world as a whole is that “professionalism” is portrayed through personality. People feel more comfortable in an environment where you are not trying to pretend to be a certain way. Semgeeks clients work with them because there is more than just a business deal, there is a trusting relationship. Semgeeks has made it clear that this is the exact field of study I want to be in. From the first day straight to the very last, I walked in with a smile on my face.

Semgeeks made me real comfortable in my own skin while being a professional. It was a great pleasure to intern with Semgeeks. Thank you!