As time goes by and your business evolves, you might start to wonder whether it’s time for you to get a new logo. After all, your business logo is your company’s face; it’s what customers think of when interacting with your business. A company’s logo intertwines with the products and services that they offer. Whether it invokes good or bad feelings, a logo resonates with customers and potential clients. If you’re debating changing your logo, it’s important to evaluate why you’re considering a change.

One instance where it makes particular sense to change your company’s logo is if you’re now offering a different product than before. If your company has always sold printers but is now changing its focus to general computer accessories, a change in logo can reflect this change in strategy. Customers will see the new, fresher image and it will let them redefine the way they view your organization. This helps get your company out of a rut where it may have been pigeonholed by customers who were already familiar with the brand.

Another instance where you might want to change your company’s logo is when you’re changing the management strategy. Whether you just bought a company and are infusing new management or you’re changing the existing organizational structure, a new logo will again convey to your customers that this is a new company. Again, the psychology behind it is that customers will rethink their perception of your company.

Yet another time when it’s good to change your business logo is when it has simply become dated. If your business is a mainstay in the community but sales have started to decline, rolling out a new logo along with other changes will give your business a fresher look. Similarly, your company may be using a logo that you drew up in the preliminary stages of planning the company, and that logo may never have been a good symbol for your company. This can lead to generating new sales from customers who otherwise wouldn’t frequent your business.

Above all else, your business logo is the centerpiece of your brand. Great companies have iconic logos that stick with customers. These logos serve almost as ambassadors of a company, where the logo itself sends a message and nothing else is needed. If you feel that your logo doesn’t represent your business as best as it can, then it might be time for you to begin the process of developing a new logo that better reflects your brand.

Have you recently redesigned your logo for a newer, fresher one? Do you feel it has been beneficial?