Automated Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the vanguards of the digital revolution. These groundbreaking technologies are being adopted within practically every industry, rapidly transforming how businesses operate.

And the world of digital marketing is no exception. AI has already transformed the landscape, changing how brands communicate and manage campaigns. 

Properly harnessed, AI is a tool that can shape digital strategies, drive optimizations, and increase ROI. Here’s how. 

What Is AI? 

Colloquially, AI describes computer software that’s capable of learning and improving without any human intervention. It mimics human cognitive functions like learning and problem-solving. But the key difference is AI can perform those tasks infinitely faster than we ever could. 

AI is a vast field that keeps on growing at an exponential rate. Thanks to advanced algorithms, AI systems are constantly maturing—growing faster, more efficient, and more capable than ever before.

Marketing and AI 

Over the last decade or so, AI has slowly but surely assimilated into the digital marketing space. As business and tech influencer, Bernard Marr, writes in Forbes: 

“A huge number of questions that would previously have needed human intervention to answer – such as “will this person be interested in my products?” or “what results will I get from this advertising campaign?” can now be answered by machines – if they are given the right data.”    

As mentioned, provided the right data, AI can create myriad benefits for brand marketing campaigns, including: 

  • Boosting productivity – AI can automate monotonous, time-consuming, and error-prone jobs, such as data entry—tasks that used to require a human but can be performed faster and more accurately by machines. 
  • Generating insights – AI can collate, organize and analyze a brand’s sales and marketing data to generate actionable insights. AI can be used to forecast consumer behavior, influence campaign decisions, and predict market trends.  
  • Increasing ROI – AI is capable of providing an immediate return on investment by facilitating decision-making and automating jobs.   
  • Increasing employee efficiency – When employees aren’t stuck handling mundane tasks, they have more time to focus on value-add activities that actually require their expertise. 

How Is AI Transforming Marketing? 

So, in what ways are savvy marketers incorporating AI into their digital marketing campaigns? 

Three of the more popular applications for AI include: 


Customer relationships management (CRM) software collects, filters, organizes and analyzes customer data. Equipped with this software, marketing teams can: 

  • Group customers into personas
  • Gain insights into how to best reach and speak to these personas
  • Craft campaigns that target these groups

With a CRM, an AI’s primary task is to perform behavioral analysis. It can tell you what products a person buys, how they shop, when they shop, which tools they use, and what ads they respond to. 

Put simply, it makes it possible to create a more personalized and targeted campaign—one that’s seemingly bespoke to that individual consumer.  


Chatbots are becoming an increasingly common feature on most websites. And for good reason. They can handle a significant percentage of low-level informational queries and issues that would otherwise have to be handled by a customer service representative. 

But chatbots provide several additional advantages, including: 

  • A single chatbot can service multiple customers simultaneously 
  • Chatbots work around the clock 
  • Once you pay the upfront fee to design and implement the chatbot, there are scant additional costs
  • Chatbots are multilingual 
  • They increase customer engagement and improve lead generation 

Chatbots balance automation and a human touch. For questions within their wheelhouse, they can provide instant responses. And issues that exceed their capabilities or purview can then be delegated to a human rep.    

PPC Campaigns 

AI is also changing the way brands engage with paid advertising. This software can continuously monitor and adjust a PPC campaign to correspond with the brand’s desired goals. AI can: 

  • Enhance cost per click by automatically adjusting PPC bids according to market dynamics
  • Improve brand retargeting by analyzing offline conversions data 
  • Predict consumer behavior by leveraging historical data according to factors like consumer web activity, device usage, or purchase habits
  • Cancel underperforming ads or keywords 
  • Write content and ad copy 

Ironically, AI has helped to humanize the PPC process, making it possible to tailor campaigns to align with consumer personas. 

Semgeeks—Your Data and Analytics Digital Agency 

The future of marketing is AI. It has already become firmly entrenched in daily digital marketing operations. And it’s not going anywhere.   

Brands have a binary choice: embrace this technology or get left behind.  

Equipped with AI, you have the ability to automate simple tasks, provide better customer service, make accurate, data-based predictions, and create more personalized marketing campaigns. 

If you’re ready to join the digital revolution, Semgeeks can be your guide. As an SEM agency, our team can help you integrate AI and machine learning technology into every facet of your digital marketing campaign.   

What would your AI-driven marketing strategy look like? Let’s talk


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