Remember when your parents and grandparents complained that you watched too much TV? Today’s generations are gravitating toward online videos as opposed to traditional television. Online videos are short, interactive and capable of being consumed on the go, which is why people love them.

As a higher EDU marketer, you realize how important it is to think ahead. Younger generations drive the trends, so you want to discover new and exciting fads as they’re developing, not after. Though online videos aren’t new, they are the preferred way to consume content, especially among the 18-24 year-old audience.

Knowing that your target audience is interested in video, how can you use it diversify your admissions marketing? Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Live Streaming on Social Media

From Snapchat’s Story Playlists to Facebook’s Live Stream, social media provides a wide range of options to create videos for fans and followers. Start with the channels your audience is most active on. Don’t just generalize. Do some research so you know where to put your efforts.

What’s nice about live streaming is that you can invite followers to an event that they couldn’t otherwise attend. Include viewers in a classroom lecture, or invite them to listen to a guest speaker. The video is live, which makes the experience feel genuine and true-to-life.

You may also encourage staff and faculty to create their own video content so that students can see what life would be like at your institution. To ensure consistency, put together a short guide with your institution’s expectations and guidelines.

Educational Webinars

Webinars are effective at providing information and educational materials. They are a bit more cut and dry compared to other videos because their purpose is to inform rather than entertain. Viewers go into webinars with this intention, so you can expect an audience that is eager to learn.

To make the most of your webinars, run them live just as you would live streaming. This gives you the ability to engage with your viewers and answer live questions. Since webinars can be lengthy, feel free to cover in depth topics, such as what to expect from the application process and the best practices for applying at your school.

Driving Conversions

As entertaining as they are, videos are for more than just watching. They are also amazing conversion tools. For example, before a prospect attends your live webinar, capture some information about them. A name, email address and intended major are a few things most prospects won’t mind sharing.

At the end of the video, add a call-to-action that corresponds with the content, such as an email to reach an admissions counselor or a hashtag to promote an event. You may also use online videos to drive conversions by sharing your institution’s story and connecting with prospects on an emotional level.


Never be intimidated by the idea of including video in your admissions marketing. You don’t need anything more than an HD camera and internet connection to produce fabulous online videos. Most important, have fun with your creations! Be proud of what you put out there and the relationships you develop. Your library will be a testament to your institution’s strengths.