The Internet is an excellent marketing tool for small businesses. Blogs and social networking sites, such as Facebook, provide a wealth of opportunities to establish and build brand awareness of your products and services. Facebook is popular with all demographic groups and is a beneficial way to promote your small business. It’s important that you use the correct strategies to generate the attention that you desire from these online avenues. If handled correctly, you will experience a considerable increase in your revenue.

Create a Facebook Marketing Page

Your first step is to create a specific Facebook marketing page for your business that is separate from your personal account. This page enables an unlimited number of your customers and business associates to follow you without the requirement of having to manually “friend” you. A professional business page will increase your credibility.

Browse the list of optional applications that are available to small businesses on Facebook such as the business card app and iSpace. Determine which applications are best suited for your business or products. Use these apps to customize your Facebook page so that it meets your particular needs. Post your services and products on Facebook marketplace. Link your Facebook page to your main company website where followers can find more in-depth information about your company, products and services. If you have an account with other social media sites, make sure that they are linked to your Facebook page. This will ensure that your Facebook account will be automatically updated if you make changes on the other sites.

Facebook Page Followers

Encourage friends, family, co-workers, customers and suppliers to log on and follow your Facebook page on a regular basis. This will enable them to stay informed of your latest promotions and business activities. It will create a following that expands as they inform others of your presence. You can build rapport by reaching out to other social network users who have a complementary business. An example is a realtor connecting with home inspectors, mortgage brokers and interior designers.

Post regular updates to your wall to pique the interest of your followers. This is a place where you can introduce new products or advertise special discounts and contests available only to your “friends.” Open a discussion where visitors can comment on your business or make suggestions that will help you grow.

If implemented correctly for advertising, customer communication and promotional activity, Facebook marketing will help generate more interest and revenue for your small business. How has your business grown from advertising on Facebook?