Social media is an incredible tool that can be used to boost your enrollment campaigns. The majority of prospects are using social media to some degree, whether it’s connecting with friends, watching videos or sharing experiences. Reaching college prospects in real time is a great way to introduce your program, share your strengths and remind them that you are there.

Let’s explore the ways that you can integrate social media into your campaigns and recruit more qualified students.

Respond to Inquiries Quickly

Imagine a time when you were browsing a website and had a question about a product. Could you have made a better decision if someone were there to answer your question?

When a student is in the “just looking” phase, they are receptive to schools that reach out. Being there to answer questions improves your reputation and moves prospects through the funnel. The key is to respond quickly in a friendly, conversational tone. If your responses sound automated or robotic, it can push prospects in the other direction.

Monitor Student Activity

One of the great things about social media is that you can see what students think of your program without having to do much digging. And, as you may know, students don’t hold back on social media. They may post conversations with professors, rant about the lunch menu, or share concerns over the safety of their dormitory.

It’s in your best interest to monitor all activity tied to your school. If you see a consistent pattern of complaints, it’s clear that you have some adjusting to do. Don’t just pay attention to complaints from your student body – consider the perceptions that people have of your school. Are these perceptions accurate? If not, how can you change them to fit the true vision of your school?

Keep an Eye on the Competition

As a nation, we can agree that college is an important part of the young adult experience. Yet within colleges and universities, there is fierce competition. Some students fit your school’s expectations, and you don’t want to lose them to a competitor.

Fortunately, social media allows you to quietly keep an eye on your competitors. What types of campaigns work for them? Are there gaps in their programs that you can fill? Use this information to gain a competitive edge.

Expand Your Reach

Some schools question if social media is really worth their time and effort. The answer: 100 times yes! Even if your school does well with print materials, email newsletters or an app, there’s still room for social. In fact, social media can complement your advertising efforts so that they receive more attention, not less.

One of the ways to reach a wider audience is by creating a hashtag for users to follow. Your marketing materials then use this hashtag, so anytime a student searches for it, all of your information will come up. It’s an easy and low-cost way to manage the perception of your university.

Social media should never be viewed as a threat to your promotional efforts. By using it to your advantage, you can boost the results for your next campaign and watch enrollment numbers increase.