So, you have a blog. And you’ve worked hard to create the interesting, funny and engaging posts that marketing professionals recommend. You’ve even taken it upon yourself to schedule out posts regularly, adding new and unique content on a consistent basis. But, you still aren’t getting the follows, likes, shares and comments that you had expected.

The ugly truth is that it’s hard to get noticed when there is so much noise online, and if you don’t have stellar content coupled with a strong content promotion campaign, you’ll easily get lost in the shuffle. The good news is that if you’ve been doing everything else correctly – original, high-quality content with good keywords and no grammatical errors – then all you need is a better blog promotion campaign.

Here’s how to do it.

Promote Your Content on Social Media

Each social networking site is unique, so don’t take a generalized approach. By tailoring the post to your audience, you can have a real impact on blog traffic.

For instance, you can post an article several times on Twitter without being annoying to your followers. Switch up the title of the article, which should be short, simple and engaging. Instagram, on the other hand, is best for visual marketing. Using this site, post an image alongside a question or short headline and direct it to your blog.

The best social media sites for content promotion include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Get Involved in Blogger Communities

If you’re not reaching the wide audience that you had hoped for, it’s time to get involved in blogger communities such as Triberr or Social Buzz Club. These sites allow you to add your latest post and share it with people who are interested in your industry niche. The fact that these communities are specifically designed to share, discover and enjoy content makes it the perfect place to establish your blog. Just be sure to be a good sport by liking and sharing others’ blog posts as well.

Publish Content on Bookmarking Sites

The benefit to bookmarking sites is that they share content with millions of people that are actively searching for information in your niche. Every time you publish a new post, you should add it to a bookmarking site – Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious – to get maximum exposure. There are also ways to automate the process, if you choose. Check out OnlyWire, SocialMarker and SocialAdr if you would like to quickly and securely submit content.

Send Out Email Blasts

The power of email should never be underestimated. It’s still one of the most valuable marketing tools we have, and it’s an excellent way to promote content. Choose one or two of your most favorite posts from the month and send out an email blast with links to the content. Not only are you putting your best content out there, but also you’re placing it into the hands of people who are already invested in your brand.

Experiment with Guest Posting

With guest posting, you can share your content with a new, already established audience. Guest posting is easy to get started with, as there are plenty of websites that welcome and accept guest posts from members in the same industry. You may also be able to include one or two links that direct back to your website or blog. The fact that your content is posted on a well-established website also builds immediate trust.