It is impossible to read an Internet marketing publication or business website today and not see the words social media marketing highlighted somewhere in its pages. Social networking has changed the way that consumers use the Internet to share ideas, products, reviews and experiences with friends and family. As a result, it has also changed the way that companies market their products and brands to consumers as well.

Pinterest marketing is similar to other types of social media marketing in that it relies on the sharing of information between users to generate user interest and traffic in a company’s products or programs. However, unlike Twitter, which relies on a 140 character text post or Facebook, which relies on the sharing of text, video and photos, Pinterest is a social network that focuses primarily on photos or other images.

Take some time to study Pinterest and see what types of businesses are doing well with this social network. Some of the most popular categories that thrive at Pinterest include crafts, fashion, recipes, home decor and DIY projects. However, there are other areas of interest that can be capitalized on by a variety of different business models, it just takes time to research this unique demographic and develop a Pinterest marketing strategy that will yield positive results.

It is important to remember that Pinterest is a social network, which means that the marketing approach used here must be friendly, conversational and non-aggressive, which means so no hard sells or direct marketing campaigns. Post products, sales, specials and other business-based information, but share them without using an overt sales pitch. Add in other types of content, such as tips, techniques, how-to guides and other relative informational posts that show how to use the products in a meaningful and exciting way.

Through the use of daily or weekly themes and regular postings, Pinterest can be a great addition to any social media marketing campaign, attracting a whole new demographic of consumers that will appreciate and respond to this type of approach. Regular, original postings will increase readership, sharing and interest across the board, bringing traffic and conversions to the primary brand website, as long as a social, non-sales voice is consistently used.