Once you create an app for your business, the work isn’t done. You must maintain and support the app to ensure the best experience possible. Think about the apps on your phone and how often they update. Some have updates as frequently as once a week while others get refreshers once a month. How often should you be updating your app? Well, let’s find out!

Factors that Affect How Often Updates are Needed

Each app is different and may require more or less frequent improvements. Here are the most common factors that impact how often updates are needed.

  • Audience feedback. What type of feedback are you receiving from your audience? If there is a lot of complaining, updating your app with the recommendations will improve the user experience and show customers that you are listening.

  • Bug fixing. Bugs are common when releasing apps, but you want to deal with them as soon as possible. Updates fix bugs and improve performance so that you can offer a better product to your customers.

  • Marketplace. The most successful apps release updates 1-4 times each month. Apps that aren’t updated look neglected. Pay attention to your competition to see how they are keeping their app fresh and follow a similar pattern.

  • Add features. One of the great things about apps is that you can continue improving them so they are like new! Plan 2-4 updates in advance that are packed with new features and “leak” the information to users to keep them interested in what’s to come.

Why are App Updates Important?

Don’t be intimidated by app updates. They are one of the best tools you have available! Consider how many apps you have downloaded to your phone. The apps that are given attention are more enjoyable to use because they’re current, relevant and free from major bugs. You want your mobile app to leave the same impression on users.

Let’s explore the benefits you’ll get from updating your app.

  • Build a loyal following

  • Enhance the user experience

  • Improve stability and fix bugs

  • Encourage app shares and ratings

  • Show users that you are listening

  • Keep your app relevant and competitive

Design a Roadmap

Not all updates are the same. Some will be big and include new features and capabilities while others will be for stability and bug fixes. In general, most apps have 1-4 updates per month. Depending on your app, you might benefit from a few big updates throughout the year or several small ones each month.

Remember, your app is your business. It needs regular attention. Stick to a disciplined schedule and roll out exciting new features and improvements that your customers can look forward to.