Blogs are a way for businesses to communicate with their customers. They help businesses establish themselves as a reliable and informative source. One of the most popular questions asked by businesses deals with how often they should post. The answer depends on the goals of the business and needs of the website’s target audience.

Increased Traffic
Blogging is also called content marketing. Content marketing increases a website ‘s traffic. If blogging is done to increase traffic, post frequently. Occasional posting attracts very little traffic to a webpage. Businesses wanting to increase traffic should post two or three times a week. The increased content creates more material for search engines to index. The more material indexed, the higher the rate of search engine traffic.

Meet the Needs of the Target Audience
Businesses should create content that focuses on the type of audience the business is targeting. If the website gives people up-to-date information, the blog posts should occur throughout the day. If the posts are designed to showcase a product or aspect of the business, it may be beneficial to post weekly.

Post on Days with the Highest Amounts of Traffic
Businesses should track the amount of traffic the website receives. Tracking will help create a schedule and narrow down the best days to post. If traffic seems to be high on certain days, post on these days. Posting on days known for having high amounts of traffic will yield the best results.

Quality vs. Quantity
Quality posts are just as important as their frequency. Quality content produces organic search results. The articles should add something more to the topic and answer questions a visitor may have about the subject. If the quality of the content diminishes, so will the website ‘s visitors.

If the articles are posted to the website on certain days or several times a day, stay consistent. The website will begin to have a regular following that knows when to expect new material. Inconsistent posts can cause the website ‘s material to become outdated and cause readers to stop visiting.

There is no definitive answer on how often businesses should post. It is believed that posting should occur several times a week. The real answer depends on the readership and quality of content. Posts should occur often enough to keep the content fresh with relevant material.