Even with the surge in popularity among mobile devices, many companies are still without an optimized mobile website. Why? Mainly because they lack the resources or don’t see the value in one. If you are one of these businesses, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everything is A-OK. But if you want to remain competitive in 2015 and have a website that is well-liked with the largest search engine out there, Google, then you need to change your thinking. Mobile websites are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity.

Mobile Friendliness is Key to SEO

Let’s say that you don’t see the value in having a mobile website because your business provides a service sold to local customers and sees mostly word-of-mouth referrals, which has done your business well. If you don’t have a big advertising budget, the very thought of building a mobile site can seem overwhelming.

At the very least, having a mobile-friendly website does wonders for SEO. It benefits your site by increasing click throughs, boosting rankings and generating more sales. These benefits are enough to acknowledge the value in having a mobile-friendly website. And, any costs associated with building a mobile site will be quickly offset by increased revenue. Here’s why.

Increased Visits

First off, Google has started labeling mobile-friendly websites to separate those that are not mobile friendly. If your site doesn’t get this prized label, it automatically loses some appeal and is bumped down in the SERPs. With lowered visibility, you’ll see less click throughs. But don’t worry, your competitors will be getting more! If you’re wondering how friendly your website is on mobile devices, check out Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test that allows you to test your URL.

Higher Rankings

Not only will placement affect your CTR, but also you must deal with having lower rankings overall. Google now uses mobile friendliness as a ranking factor, so if your website doesn’t score well, it won’t show up in the top of the mobile search rankings. If your customers can’t find you but they can find your competitors, guess who they are going to choose? Essentially, you’re limiting your success.

Added Revenue

Regardless of what you’re selling, any business can benefit from having an optimized mobile website. If a customer tells their friend about your business, it’s likely that they’ll search for you online. Any information you provide allows the customer to get a good feel for your business and whether you’re the right fit for them. When a customer determines that you are, in fact, the right company for their needs, you see added revenue that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

As we move into 2015 and you revise your marketing strategy, be sure that you have a mobile-friendly website in the works. This is key to a successful SEO strategy and will increase your CTR, rankings and revenue.