It’s that time of the year again! With spring enrollment down, colleges and universities have felt more pressure to bring in higher numbers for the fall semester. Higher education institutions that are new to online marketing often fall into the trap of thinking that advertising is easy since college students are a targeted audience. But, this isn’t exactly true.

Modern Day Students

Students today are varied and diverse; parents, older adults and professionals changing careers are among today’s college students. Reaching all of these people is more challenging than universities often realize, and students have higher standards.

Naturally, you want your higher institution to get the recognition it deserves and continue to see boosted enrollment each semester. How can you effectively market to your target audience and retain student interest until it’s time for actual enrollment? Marketing automation.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a name given to programs that simplify and automate certain marketing tasks. Marketing specialists utilize these programs as a hosted or web-based solution, which allows for a smooth transition. The strategy has been especially popular among B2B and B2C businesses, but colleges and universities have a lot to gain, too.

Say a student visits your website. You need to hold their interest until it’s time for enrollment, so what do you do? You nurture these leads. Using a marketing automation tool, you can capture their data and continue marketing to them based on their online activity and behavior. Giving the right information at the right time can convert leads into students and boost enrollment.

  • Lead Scoring: Score leads and students based on their demographics and online behavior. Use this information to create custom messages and follow-ups.

  • Automatic Messaging: Respond to the online behaviors of leads and students in real time. This attentiveness can set your higher institution apart from the next.

  • Customized Content: Convert more leads into students by tailoring content based on lead and student online behavior. If, for instance, students are interested in learning about student life, you may publish content around this topic and answer common questions.

  • CRM Integration: Let admissions know of online and email behavior for the leads and students in your database.

Bring in the Professionals

Do you want to boost enrollment for your college or university? Let Semgeeks streamline marketing tasks and retain student interest with our cutting-edge marketing automation platform.