One of the main challenges to great design is the communication that takes place between the design team and the client. As a designer myself, I understand the unique challenges that surface between our design team and clients. Not only is it difficult to put emerging concepts and design ideas into words, but also it’s not always clear how things are going to come together. All we know is that the right ingredients are there and getting our clients to understand is a whole other story.

Prototyping Tools for Better Designs

Fortunately for today’s designers, there are a handful of tools that help facilitate communicate between the design team and the client. One of these tools is InVision app, which allows designers to upload jpeg files to a workflow platform and share it with clients.

InVision is not just another prototyping tool, however. Using this app, you can create a detailed and interactive mockup of what a website will look like, giving both designers and clients a better understanding of how the buttons will appear and the site will function. The interactive mockup can be shown to clients so that may visualize what the final product will look like.

If you’re currently considering a new prototyping or mockup tool, we’re excited to share with you our own experiences and the features we love with InVision. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of how the app works, what it can bring to your design team and if it’s the right fit for your design projects.

First Impressions with InVision

Let’s start by discussing the aspects that we like best about InVision, straight from the design team here at Semgeeks.

  • Fully functioning prototype. With InVision, we love that you can create a fully functioning prototype of the site that can be viewed between you and the client. All functionalities can be tested before making the site go live, eliminating potential problems and delays.

  • Hotspot templates. When linking to the prototype, you can make hotspot templates that speed up the link process. For example, our designers can link up jpeg images so that the navigation and buttons actually work. Plus, InVision has a functionality that makes the linking process efficient.

  • Client interaction. With InVision, clients can make comments directly on the page. It’s a great feature to have because there’s far less email going back and forth, and clients aren’t having to pinpoint where on the site they have feedback.

Summing it Up

In the end, InVision is the best prototyping app that our design team has used – hands down. We’ve tried other apps of this sort, and while many offer distinct advantages, we truly believe that InVision is in a league of its own.

InVision has transformed the way we communicate with clients and each other. As a highly integrated company, it’s essential that our teams have opportunities to share information and exchange ideas. Our design team believes that our clients are getting better end results because of InVision, and we also save time and frustration on our end.

Is InVision the Right Prototyping Tool for You?

If you work with prototyping tools on any level, it’s worth checking out InVision. You can sign up for free and get one prototype at no cost. Once you work in the app, you’ll see just easy and intuitive it is to use, and the ability to mimic the actual web browsing experience is truly remarkable.

As designers, there are so many navigational aspects of effective web design that cannot be fully understood because we can’t play out the experience until the site goes live. InVision eliminates those barriers and puts designers on the path to better results.

Also, if you feel that communication between your design team and clients could be improved, InVision is worth trying. We encourage you to let as many team members as possible use the platform. This way, you can get a good feel for how to have open discussions, leave feedback and create to-do lists.


It’s not everyday that brilliant tools like InVision come along. Many big brands are utilizing the app, but even the smallest businesses can benefit. With one free phototype and no costs to sign up, we highly recommend checking out InVision and how it can facilitate communication and streamline design processes for your company.