Internet marketing can be a powerful marketing tool for many businesses and organizations. With social media marketing strategies, it’s possible to connect with key demographics in a way that can boost sales and conversion rates. While Internet advertising has grown in popularity over the past decade, it can be difficult to trace the start of the new advertising revolution.

Online advertising started with Google in 1998. While the Internet has been in existence since 1992, Google introduced the world to the concept of Internet marketing. Before Google, lots of online advertising was limited to only certain niches. However, the Internet quickly expanded into an advertising medium that could be used by a wide variety of different businesses.

In addition, modern advertisers can target certain demographics through the use of data mining tools. This can be an excellent way to boost sales of a certain product or service. In the past, this wasn’t possible.

For example, imagine that a company sells new and used video games to consumers. In the past, this company may have advertised in newspapers and gaming magazines. While gaming magazines would allow one to target a certain group, this technique often had significant limitations. In many cases, marketers would miss large segments of a demographic that may be interested in a product or service.

In the above example, a gaming company would be missing out on several potential forms of advertising. While a gaming magazine is targeted, it misses large segments of the casual gaming market. With a newspaper, it’s possible to target these segments of the population. However, lots of newspaper advertising is wasted on eyes that will never buy a gaming product.

With social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s possible to create targeted advertising campaigns that are designed to be seen by a certain demographic. In the above example, a gaming company could target all males between the age of 18 and 35 in a certain geographic area. In addition, it may be possible to target certain ethnic groups or people from a certain economic background. This can be an excellent way to build an effective advertising campaign.

It can be difficult for a new or emerging business to create an effective online strategy. In many cases, it’s a good idea to contact a professional search engine marketing company for assistance. With an SEM company, it’s possible to quickly and easily improve consumer brand perception of a product or service.