If you need to order a birthday cake for your kid’s party, what do you do? Pull up your search engine and do some research, of course. Your customers are no different. When they need a product or service that is similar to yours, they’ll do some digging online. As soon as they find what they’re looking for, they’ll either give the business a call or stop in for a visit.

Knowing how important it is to show up in the local search results, local SEO is not just important. It’s very important. A good strategy will keep a steady flow of customers coming to you, boosting traffic, sales and revenue.

Let’s look further into the importance of local SEO and why it’s crucial to your marketing strategy.

Google 3-Pack Shows Up 93% of the Time

A couple of years ago, Google replaced their 7-pack with the 3-pack. That meant four fewer listings. But there was more. The 7-pack would show up in the first slot only 25% of the time. With the 3-pack, it was going to be 93% of the time.

Today, people who do a local search tend to look at the listings in the 3-pack because they are considered to be “better”. These listings are most relevant, have the highest ratings and are closest to the area. If you want your business to be visible and have any chance of showing up in the 3-pack, local SEO is vital. Here’s a great article on staying competitive in Google’s 3-pack.

46% of Searches on Google are Local

For as much as people use the internet, 46% of searches on Google are local. Consumers rely on the internet to learn about products and services and the companies that sell them.

For example, when choosing a bakery, you’ll want to make sure that their food tastes good. So, you will read the reviews, look at cake samples and sign up for the newsletter to receive a discount. You’ll also look up the location of the business (just as 71% of people do), get directions on Google Maps (86% of people do this) and make a phone call (76% of others do, too).

50% of Consumers Will Visit a Store After a Local Search

Roughly half of consumers who do a local search on their smartphones will stop into the store within a day. For consumers who use a tablet or computer, it’s 34%. By having your business show up in the local search results, you can significantly increase foot traffic and sales. Even if you don’t end up making the sale, your store receives recognition.

Fortunately, it turns out that 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale in one day or less. This means you have a decent shot of turning a visitor into a customer just from a single online interaction.

Local SEO is the backbone of your SEO strategy. Online sales and interactions are helpful to your bottom line, but you can’t forget the importance of maintaining your physical location and local presence. Fortunately, local SEO allows people in need of your products and services to find you easily.