Imagine you’re sitting there with the perfect email blast to send out. This is sure to draw in interest you think to yourself. After all, you have all the goods: a catchy headline, smart links and great content. Yet none of this matters if you don’t have anyone to send it to.

Since the legal and polite way to send email blasts to your audience is to have their consent, you must have a comprehensive email list to accommodate your email marketing strategy. This list must grow regularly as well.


Consider that email list growth is the single most important factor in your email marketing campaign. On average, companies lose 30 percent of their list as a result of people switching email accounts, marking the mail as spam or unsubscribing. There is also another group of people who ignore your emails without opting out.



Don’t feel discouraged yet. We just want you to understand how important it is to grow your email list, as at any given point in time, only half of your list is actually reading your emails. Here’s what we suggest:



Create an offer for signing up – Whether it’s a discount code or downloadable ebook, offering something of purpose is a great way to entice someone to sign up.



Ensure that all content is valuable – You want your subscribers to read your newsletters, so make them fun, engaging and creative. Keep on top of the current trends to ensure your newsletters are current as well.



Include sign-up forms on all content – Make it easy for people to sign up by including sign-up forms on all pages of content, as well as on your social media profiles. Also include a short line of text saying what your reader will get by signing up.



Get the basic info – People don’t like giving away too much information. Get only what you need, which in most cases is a name and email address.


Integrate testimonials – If someone is hesitant to sign up, reading a positive testimonial can seal the deal.


Create a unique name – Show your readers that your emails are an extension of your business and not another sales pitch. A great way to do this is by giving your newsletter a unique name.



Send a welcome email – Give your new subscriber a welcome email or thank you message that acknowledges their interest and starts the relationship off right.


Marketing is about seizing the moment. Make the most of yours by continually growing your email list.