Debating who the next entity is to take over the world is always grounds for an interesting discussion. While the majority of people will gravitate toward a particular person, we tend to think that it will be something much more omnipresent: Google.

That’s right – we said it – Google is taking over the world. Quietly, of course, but it’s happening. If you look at Google’s earnings, you’ll see that they are just like any other company with steady ups and downs. What makes Google unique is that they continue to push forward when their earnings do drop. Instead of waiting for stocks to climb back up as many other companies would do, Google launches a new product. A new app. A facelift for an existing program.

There have already been countless debates regarding Google’s reign, but we’re not here to discuss its all-knowing abilities or the fact that Google probably understands you better than your best friend thanks to your online searches. What we find intriguing is that Google is quietly creeping up even in places where it shouldn’t be, effectively taking over the digital experience.

Let’s take a look.


It’s easy to give most smartphones a Google preference, but the same is true even if you have an iPhone. On these mobile devices, many users still choose Google Maps, Chrome, Google Now and YouTube over the Apple-based services. This proves that all users, regardless of their device, can unanimously enjoy Google’s services.


Last year, Google came out with Chromecast for just $35 a month, less than half that of Apple TV. And, the results were impressive. Chromecast allows users to stream video from online services, and it doesn’t matter what brand your smartphone or TV is. Chromecast works on all devices and has managed to earn itself positive reviews across platforms.


Microsoft Office is still the top pick for many business professionals, but Google Docs is gaining in popularity, especially among the younger crowd. Google Docs is capable of handling simple spreadsheets and docs, and its ability to be portable is invaluable.

Google X

This semi-secret facility has one goal: to create major technological advancements. This proves that Google has more under their radar than just digital technology. From self-driving cars to augmented reality glasses, it’s obvious what Google has in store for us will expand traditional boundaries.

So, should you be worried? Nah. There are other frontrunners attempting the same game-changing experiences for users, such as Amazon and Facebook. The difference is that Google has such vast reach into our digital lives that it’s almost impossible not to take part in their growth. For now, sit back and enjoy the digital experience that Google has paved, because there’s not much that you can do about it.