Just when you thought you had the new Facebook layout figured out, the social media site changes something else. Last month, Facebook announced a new design for their News Feed, which will be slowly rolled out to users over the next few months. You may be surprised to learn that this is the first big redesign in over a year. Yes, Facebook’s News Feed has become an integral part of the social media site, even though many users were unhappy with it when it first came out.


According to Facebook, the new News Feed will feature larger images, options to toggle between different feeds and a sleek, consistent layout between mobile devices. The object of the redesign is to reduce clutter and place more emphasis on photos, which already account for 50% of the feed. What CEO Mark Zuckerberg says is that he wants to turn Facebook into the “best personalized newspaper in the world.”



These changes may be great for individual users, but what do they mean for today’s marketers? Here’s the scoop.



Pictures Make Perfect



With the new layout, your business will need to post more visual content. Period. There was a 65% increase in brand engagement just one month after Facebook Timeline for brands was introduced.



Visual-Focused Ads



Your marketing strategy will need to implement more photo-focused advertisements. The new News Feed will place greater emphasis on photos and short captions, so you’ll want to re-shift your focus on smart visual ads that draw in interest.



Short and Sweet Text



Captions will now be merged with the images in the News Feed instead of captured underneath the photo. With this new arrangement, you’ll want to keep text short and concise, as readers will be engaging with your brand mostly through the photo.



Unique, Fresh and Never Boring



With the outpour of information posted on Facebook daily, you must make your posts stand out. Don’t be afraid to be bold, daring or different. It’s compelling content that readers will click on and share with friends.



Foster Existing Relationships


Since users will now be able to filter through the News Feed, there’s a good chance that your posts will never be seen by a good handful of your followers. The best solution is to focus more on your loyal fans and customers. What do these people want? What do they like? Whatever it is, use it and run with it.