At some point, every marketer deals with stale organic traffic. It’s not something that we like to see, of course, but it happens. Sometimes these plateaus in traffic come from industry changes, how your audience consumes content and how relevant the information is. Not everything is in your control, but the quality and usefulness of your content is.

Rather than always creating content from scratch, you can reuse old content. Not only does this give you more to work with but also it allows you to revive those unimpressive traffic metrics. Imagine what your numbers could look like if you updated old content with new statistics, better quality graphics and relevant links.

Below are a few ideas to help you effectively repurpose old content. Not only can you get 80% of your success from 20% of your effort, but also you can keep your audience engaged, reinforce your message and improve organic visibility.

Podcasts or Audio Blogs

Do you have a blog post that received a lot of engagement? Why not turn it into a podcast or audio post? As long as you have a decent microphone, you can do this without much effort.

Record yourself reading parts of the content that were most interesting or useful. Post a link to the podcast on your website and social media channels. This gives your audience a hands-free way to consume your content when they’re at the gym or walking to the train.


People love infographics. They’re highly visual, easy to consume and can turn boring topics into interesting ones. When done right, infographics can bring a ton of traffic to your website.

If you haven’t made an infographic before, try a free tool like Venngage or Canva. You will find a good selection of templates, with more options available on the paid versions. If you want a professional, attention-grabbing infographic, hire someone like SEMGeeks to do a custom graphic for you.


Slideshows are an awesome way to reuse old content. People enjoy going through slideshows because the information is broken up into short paragraphs and bullet points. Also, with little content on each page, readers won’t feel overwhelmed. To prove the point, SlideShare is one of the top 100 most-visited sites in the world.

Email Series

Despite what the critics say, email continues to be one of the most cost- and time-effective marketing methods. Take advantage of this by developing an email series. Each week, share information on a particular topic from one of your long blog posts. With updated stats, crisp images and inbox delivery, you can capture a new audience.


If you’re not afraid to be on camera, record yourself sharing useful information. People love watching authentic videos, and there’s no better way to be genuine than by filming yourself.

If you are camera shy but like the idea of a video, try a videographic (animated infographic). Videographics can be made for free using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects or Biteable. However, hiring a pro may be the better option as videographics are difficult to create.

Next time you’re stuck on ideas for new content, consider reusing the stuff you already have. Choose your best-performing posts and think about the many ways they can be repurposed. This method is a great way to save time and money while carrying your efforts to the next level.