Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer. Living on the East Coast, we see all four seasons. THIS is the weekend we wait for. Six months ago, we were dreaming of the day when we could grill hot dogs and hamburgers and swim in a pool. Now, here we are. It’s an exciting time with high hopes for all the things we’ll see, do, and accomplish over the next few months.

I can’t help but notice that now is also a great time to prep for Memorial Day sales. Why? That mindset of, “I have ALL summer to do this…” motivates people to try out new services and buy new products. You can use this mindset to prep for the summer and bring your business some extra sales. In fact, transaction rates are 35.5% higher for Memorial Day than they are for Black Friday, and 16.1% higher than for Cyber Monday.

Here are the best ways that ecommerce businesses can prepare for Memorial Day.

Feed Off the Summer Excitement

The warmer temperatures and added hours of sunlight are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Take advantage of this anticipation by building excitement around your sales. Send emails teasing your upcoming promotions. It’s always fun to slowly roll out special offers and encourage people to keep an eye on your emails. For added fun, add a countdown clock showing the hours and minutes until customers can use their promo code.

Offer Mobile Coupons

Coupons included in your emails aren’t unique enough for Memorial Day. Instead, send a mobile coupon to your customers that can be used in-store or online. Mobile coupons are convenient and allow customers to save on their favorite products while they’re out for ice cream or relaxing on vacation. These coupons tend to have higher redemption rates and also establish greater customer loyalty.   

Add Urgency to Your Subject Line

Excitement and urgency are the perfect combination. People are already looking forward to the summer, so why not add urgency to your subject line, too? Let your customers know that your awesome sales and discounts are only going on for a limited time. The best language to use includes “Final Sale,” “Today Only,” and “Last Day Only”. Apply this time sensitivity to your email subject lines to remind customers that your best prices are limited.

Try a Social Campaign

Social campaigns are great ways to connect with your audience over a new season. Try a social media contest to engage customers and reach short-term goals. People love to participate in contests where they have a chance of winning something. Hashtags also keep the discussion organized, so consider creating your own hashtag or feeding off another such as #SummerSavings or #MemorialDayMadness.

Memorial Day is right around the corner. Get creative and kick off the summer season with the best Memorial Day sales to boot.