Websites help businesses market, inform and sell. However, without proper exposure to prospects, even the best website does not produce many positive results. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, can help.

SEO recognizes that most Internet users start looking for goods, services and product information by entering a query into a search engine. When a website does not appear on the first or second page of search engine results pages, it will not attract a lot of traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Fortunately, the following simple strategies can improve the search ranking for almost any site without too much effort.

Create a Blog
Search engines give preference to websites that have fresh content. Standard websites might take a lot of time and effort to create regular updates. Blogs make an easy task of adding content to a website, so most websites can gain an instant boost in the rankings by adding a blog. Businesses can use the comments sections of blogs to encourage user interaction and a sense of community.

Use Google Analytics
Google Analytics, a free webmaster SEO tool offered by Google, helps website owners discover problems with their websites. The program also helps webmasters find out what content on their websites receive the most attention. Other information provided by Google Analytics tells website owners what search terms people use to find websites. After signing up for a Google Analytics account, users will get a snippet of special tracking code. Webmasters and designers should insert the Google Analytics code into every page that webmasters want to track. This allows Google to collate important statistics about website performance and visitors. The program also integrates data from Adwords pay-per-click campaigns.

Eliminate Duplicate Content
Websites that contain information duplicated from other websites lose almost all their influence in search engine results. Website owners should always use fresh and unique content to impress search engines and visitors alike. Website owners whose sites have recently plunged in search engine results should check their to see if another site has created pages with copied content.