Did you know that 615 million devices now use Adblock technology? That comes out to 11% of the global internet population. It’s not just younger generations using Adblock software, either. Adblock usage is being applied to both mobile devices and desktop computers and is mainstream across all ages. Knowing that ads are being blocked and ignored, marketers must find new ways to reach consumers. The key, it seems, is influencers.

What is Influencer Marketing?

We discussed influencer marketing in an earlier post and why it’s becoming essential to include these individuals in your marketing strategy. To recap, influencer marketing uses popular people like Insta-celebrities and bloggers to reach specific audiences. People are more receptive to this form of advertising because they trust influencers.

The key benefits to influencer marketing are:

  • More organic

  • Adds credibility

  • Reaches a targeted audience

  • Spices up your brand

  • Boosts SEO

  • Tracks sales

How Influencer Marketing is Making Waves

To get your brand in front of the right people without being rejected, it’s smart to consider what social influencers can do for you. Collaborating with the right people can take your brand to the next level. Let’s examine how digital influencers are altering marketing strategies and what this means for your brand.

  • More direct communication. Unlike banner ads and Adwords campaigns, social influencers are real people that online communities can connect with. On Instagram, you’ll notice that people will comment on sponsored posts and the influencer can respond back. This leads to authentic, genuine conversation in real time.

  • Enhanced trust. One thing that has always hurt advertisements is the trust factor. Because they are paid for, consumers tend to view them as being fake. However, people admit that they would follow the advice of their favorite YouTubers and Insta-celebrities.

  • Highly targeted groups. Marketing is more personalized than ever, and influencer marketing eats right into this. Rather than sharing your message with the world and hoping it reaches the right people, you can tap into highly targeted populations. Some influencers have loyal followers in the millions.

  • Appealing content. Rather than guessing what your audience likes and monitoring the trends, you can get accurate feedback from influencers. Also, you may be able to cut out focus groups and poll taking. Use these resources to invest in social media takeovers and Instagram campaigns that your audience will love.

Digital influencers give access to highly targeted and engaged groups of people. By collaborating with these individuals, you can position your brand in front of the right customers, gain credibility, and generate brand awareness. It’s something that more companies are doing, especially as the use of Adblock technology rises, and you should too!