Does your school have a campus mobile app? If not, it’s time to give your audience what they want! Millennials and Gen Zs love mobile apps because apps are fast, intuitive, and customizable. Many can be used offline, too, which is great if your campus has spotty reception.

It’s not uncommon for higher institutions to have mobile apps for their students, but not all are as amazing and engaging as they could be. Rather than using an app to repeat information, create something that connects students to the fabric of your institution. SEMGeeks will help you get there.

What are the Benefits of Having a Campus Mobile App?

You can probably think of many different reasons why having a mobile app is a great thing! To make sure we are on the same page, here are some benefits to familiarize yourself with.

  • Have a direct line to students

  • Send push messages instantly

  • Receive immediate feedback

  • Participate in conversations

  • Provide up-to-date schedules

  • Attract prospects through storytelling

  • Give mobile campus tours

Tips for Building the Perfect Mobile App

Creating a successful campus mobile app isn’t as hard as it may sound, especially when you work with the right mobile app development team. What many institutions don’t realize is that a lot of the work takes place on the front end of the app. Let the SEMGeeks team handle the coding while you consider your audience and the goals you want to meet.

Below are the key factors to consider when developing an awesome app for your students!

  • Know what your audience wants. It doesn’t matter what the IT department likes. Give students what they are looking for such as interactive maps, course information, direct access to professors, dining menus, updates on campus events, and more.

  • Tie your app to your marketing goals. Though your app is designed for a particular audience, it is still part of a larger marketing program. What goals are you trying to reach? How can you tie these goals to your app? For example, if your goal is to increase student retention, links to resources and direct access to academic counselors would be helpful.

  • Promote your app. Introduce your new campus app with a marketing program. Promote your app at campus events, on social media, and in newsletters. Encourage freshmen to download the app at orientation and refer to it for updated news.

  • Refine your app. Continue testing your app and gathering feedback on it. Remove modules that aren’t popular and replace them with new capabilities to keep your students engaged.

Are you ready to build the most amazing campus mobile app for your institution? Call SEMGeeks today and let’s create something fabulous.