Email marketing has been used for years to build up businesses, but many new online businesses don’t understand just how beneficial this marketing can be. Branded emails have been able to increase sales and improve conversions, and it should be added into anyone’s marketing mix. Here are the main benefits of email marketing

Improve Sales

On average, someone will not buy a new product online until they have heard about the product about seven times. With a series of emails, this makes it easy to expose prospective customers to the item this many times, improving the chance that they will buy something. Not only that, but if the emails are used to educate customers, then this also improves the chances of converting a customer.

Repeat Business

If the product was what the customer wanted, then further emails can help turn that person into a repeat customer. Unlike the first time, where he or she had to be exposed at least seven times before the marketing really took effect, it may be one or two emails before the same person buys another product. It is much easier and cheaper to get a current customer to buy again when compared to a new one, and email marketing makes it easy to keep these customers.


Better Order Value

Research shows that email marketing has the ability to improve order values, as these customers tend to order more than others. This is because the emails can educate people on the other services the business offers, creating an up-sell scenario if the marketing is done properly. On average, this marketing is generally able to increase order values by about 30%, but this is entirely dependent on how the email is worded and what the business is offering.

More Data

If the business asks users for their opinion about a product, this marketing can be used to gather data from customers. When asked about their opinion, a good amount of customers will reply back to the business, saying how they feel. This gives the business the chance to improve its product, or release other products that cater to what the customers want. By doing this, the business can better fulfill the needs of its audience, which always improves sales.

Improved Offline Sales

If the business has an offline store, then this marketing has been shown to improve sales at physical stores. If the email details the business’s physical address, it can often generate offline traffic, even if the business does not have a website.

Do you use email marketing as a tool for your business? How has it worked for you?