One of the best ways to build trust with your customers is through your website. Your website is the best representation of your company, aside from your actual product or service. Prospective clients can browse your site at their leisure, learning more about your company and how you stack up to similar businesses. By providing the right type of persuasive content, you will build trust, credibility and confidence.

Here are the points you should include in your website content.

About Us

This is the section where people get to know your business. Don’t just give them a dry biography about how your company got its start. Tell people what makes your business unique. Customers are always happier dealing with companies they know. Also include a picture of your team or individual staff profiles. It helps to put a name to a face and job role.

Contact Us

Customers need a way to get into contact with you, and if this isn’t made easy, you could lose a sale. Include a physical address (with a map!) and phone number. This shows that you have a solid business location, and can be found if need be. Also post links to your social media profiles. Customers can reach you on social media and engage with your brand.


A regular blog is a great way to connect with customers. It shows your industry knowledge, keeps your website updated and allows for interaction with visitors. An updated blog will also help your business be found easier on the search engines, which further establishes trust and draws in more traffic.


If your business is doing well, there has to be at least a few people who like you! Share their positive testimonials on your site. For credibility purposes, note the name of the person, what service they had done and the company they were from. It’s also a nice touch to have specifics, such as the name of the person the client interacted with.

Partners or Notable Clients

It always helps to have the logos of big brands or partners that you work with. If the customer knows and trusts these brands, it places instant trust in you.

News and Media

Press releases, interviews or honorable mentions are good material to place on your site. It improves your appearance, leads to a positive reputation and educates clients.


What types of ratings or certifications does your business have? You’ve worked for them, so there’s no reason to keep them hidden. Certifications show that your business is an expert in the field, and also indicates that you keep up with a certain level of standards to maintain certification.

Return Policy or Guarantee

If you have a return policy or guarantee on your product or service, make sure it is posted clearly for all to see. Customers need to know that if they are not happy with what they buy, there is a way for them to get their money back. Peace of mind is invaluable.