It’s a great feeling when a client chooses to work with you. Many people assume that this decision is based solely off price and deliverables, when really, it’s much more than that. Most clients take their time talking with potential businesses and comparing quotes. They don’t want to waste their time partnering with the wrong company. Usually, it comes down to which person they trust most.

Trust is one of the most important elements in any relationship, and that includes client-business partnerships. When a client hires you to redesign their website or manage their digital marketing needs, they are saying they trust you to do the job as promised and to the level of quality they are expecting.

Trust is something that is strengthened over time, but it can be built early on. Let’s examine a few ways to demonstrate your worth.

Always Think Like Your Client

To understand your clients, you must think like them. Even though the term “client-oriented” is overused, it’s not to be ignored. Being client-oriented means that you have your client’s best interests at heart and you demonstrate this in your actions. This can be tough at first when you want to land the client. You may feel pressured to tell them what they want to hear.

By being honest from the get-go, you set the relationship up for success. If you can’t deliver on what you promised, the trust factor goes out the window. Even if the client chooses to do business elsewhere, at least you were sincere. In the future, they may return to you!

Show Genuine Interest in the Business

Clients expect that you will get to know their business, and not just on the surface level. Think about your business and what it would mean to entrust it to someone else. The wrong decisions can have serious consequences on your success. Expect the client to be especially on guard in the first few weeks and months.

To help facilitate positive vibes, do some research on the company. Know their strengths and where they could use help. Develop a passion for their product and how it can improve lives. Setting a professional tone is important, but clients also love to see that their partners believe in what they do.

Be Transparent in Your Mistakes

Life isn’t perfect. We make mistakes. If you run into trouble, honesty is the best policy. Too often, businesses choose to keep their clients in the dark. If you perceive an issue with the project, let your client know right away. Tell them how you plan to deal with it and what they can expect. Your client may not be happy, but they will be glad you told them. It should also be mentioned that hidden fees and overage charges are to be avoided.

Maintain Regular Communication

Give your client updates on the progress being made. This shows that you are making a difference for the company and delivering on what you promised. It also encourages communication between you and the client. You don’t want them to hold back on being transparent with you, either. By not talking, this gives room for another business to sweep in and scoop them up. Contracts end, and you want to retain the clients you’ve worked so hard for.

Client partnerships are complex, but trust is a major factor in developing healthy relationships. Follow our advice for building and strengthening trust to land new clients and retain current ones!