The Shore is no stranger to spooky attractions in honor of Halloween. Whether it’s the 100-year old Camp Evans Base of Terror, the attractions at Scary Rotten Farms in Brick, NJ or one of the many haunted houses in the area, there is no shortage of events to scare you. But there’s only one school that puts on a freaky-scary show for kids and adults of all ages: Brookdale Community College.

A Haunted Maze of Terror

Situated on Lincroft Campus is the Brookdale Haunted Theater. The performing arts theater is creatively converted into a labyrinth of pure terror each October, and this year is no exception. The theme is The Condemned, and we can just imagine where the monsters were condemned to.

The attraction is now in its 14th year and includes over 100 actors, technicians and Brookdale’s own theater students, including alumni. Each year is different – bigger and better. The theme is unique, too, and we can’t wait to see what The Condemned has in store for everyone!

Don’t confuse the theater setting with a stage-type show, however. You will be walking the entire facility (which takes about 15-20 minutes) with scream-worthy frights at every twist and turn.

We must also warn you that once inside the attraction, you can’t simply hide behind your friends or try to slip by unnoticed in a large group. No way. They’ll find you. All attendees are split into groups of 8-10 people for more effective scaring tactics.

Evil Places, Stranger Faces

The giant haunted maze stretches throughout the PAC complex and includes flesh-eating zombies, disturbed clowns, mad scientists and other creepy creatures. The haunted house even promises to deliver the horror of body parts!

Keep in mind that theater students are behind the storyline and exhibits. They have fresh perspectives on what’s scary and what’s predictable, and they’re not afraid to take things to another level. After all, today’s horror is more about demented thinking and disturbing acts rather than zombies, bats and witches. The only exception is clowns. Those haven’t lost their freaky thrill one bit.

In addition to all of the creatures that will be scaring you at every corner, The Haunted Theater also features a 3D black light maze and other interactive obstacles.

“No-Scare” Tours for the Kids (and Faint-Hearted)

As much as Brookdale Community College students enjoy scaring the public, they politely offer “no scare” tours for kids – and those who are afraid of clowns. This way, even the young ones can enjoy a haunted attraction without keeping their parents up at night with nightmares. The Mystery of the Missing Candy storyline will keep the family engaged for just $5 a person. Hey, take the kids during the day and then scare yourself with the adult tour at night.

Haunted Tours for 3 Weekends in October

In the end (when you realize that the monsters were just actors and not real), it’s neat to see everyone in the community come together to put on a great haunted tour and support the college. So come out and see what all the screams are about!

New in 2016, the Haunted Theater will be open three weekends. Hours are 7-10:30 pm on October 14-16, 21-23 and 28-30. The kids’ tour goes from 2-4 pm on October 22-23 and 29-30. Young kids are welcome. Prices range from $5 to $12. You can learn more about the attraction and pricing on the website.