One of the best ways to grow your business is to increase web traffic. While SEO and pay per click are responsible for driving the majority of traffic, we can’t overlook the importance of social media. Having a presence on the major social networks allows you to interact with followers, thought leaders, journalists, and more. By keeping your audiences updated with fresh content, you can generate brand awareness, build stronger relationships, and increase visitors.

Ready to board the hashtag bandwagon? Here are some of the benefits you can expect!

Drive Web Traffic

Getting traffic to your website is always exciting, but you want the right traffic. Luckily, social media helps out with both. It’s not just Facebook and Twitter that can get people excited to visit you. Consider that a single link on Reddit can drive in tens of thousands of visitors in a single weekend. Stumbleupon has also helped sites reach success by increasing visitors to hundreds a day.

Improve SEO and Rankings

The search engines are constantly crawling web pages to understand which ones are earning traffic. By posting your content to social media, you drive traffic to them and signal to the search engines that they are there. These pages also act as “substance”, indicating to Google that your site is credible, trustworthy, and relevant.

Build Stronger Relationships

By spending time on social media, you get to meet new people and develop stronger connections. This is how you get loyal followers. Plus, with all of the neat features that social media offers (filters, live streaming, GIFs, emojis), there are so many authentic ways to deepen your relationships. If people enjoy interacting with you on social media, they won’t hesitate to visit your website.

Target and Retarget Prospects

Social media ads have tons of targeting features. For example, Facebook ads let you to target your advertisements based on income, education, and previous buying preferences. You also have the option to install a Facebook pixel to your site and retarget the people who have visited you. Because they already know your products and services and have interacted with your brand, they are more likely to convert.

Improve Customer Service

People frequently turn to social media to share their questions or concerns. While social media does force you to be on alert, it also means that you can address problems right away. Plus, if there’s something going on with your service, you’d want to know about it first, right? Displaying attentive service keeps customers satisfied and also piques the interest of curious prospects.

Social media is for so much more than making updates and sharing content with your followers. By being active on sites like Facebook and Instagram, you can increase qualified web traffic and grow your business!