Many relationships exist solely online, which means that we never hear the real voice of the other person. When you take the human element out of a conversation, it’s easy to misconstrue a simple sentence. You’ve probably found yourself in situations where you weren’t sure what to make of an email or comment on Facebook.

When you consider a website that you are designing, the lettering and fonts that you select can make a huge difference in how visitors perceive the message. Is the brand serious or laidback? Does the company seem professional or sloppy? The font used can even display how current and innovative the brand is.

Knowing how important lettering is to your designs, where can you draw inspiration from? Pinterest is a great place to start! Here are a few of our favorite typography inspiration sources – and they come from real, everyday people just like us. Enjoy!

Typography – Web Design Library

You can’t go wrong with this board from Web Design Library. It offers a decent amount of pins – 483 and counting – that focus on innovation and trendiness. One aspect that we love is the organization. As you scroll through, you’ll see fonts grouped together based on seasons, time periods, and more. We especially love the old-school fonts that are perfect for vintage projects.

Fantastic Free Fonts – Awwwards

Where do you go when you need a free font that looks like a million bucks? To this Pinterest board from Awwwards, of course! It has 163 of the best free fonts that range from geometric to futuristic to art deco. Sure, you might not get fonts made from vegetables on this board, but there’s still plenty to love.

Typography – Daniel Bear Hunley

With over 1.4 million followers and over 530 pins on this board alone, Daniel Bear Hunley has class when it comes to typography and lettering. This board is filled with beautiful brush lettering, calligraphy letters, penmanship and more. We turn to this board when we’re looking for something fresh and sophisticated, particularly in the cursive department.

Type & Thoughts – Aya Refaeli

This board offers amazing potential. It has over 1,300 pins that are bright, colorful, and bursting with personality. A quick glance will introduce you to typography like you’ve never seen before. Some of our favorites include the 3D illustrations and 3D fonts that are perfect for fun-loving, kid-friendly designs. And, if you ever need inspiration when it comes to using food typography, this is the board to visit!

Typography – Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews’ Pinterest board is another one that we rely on for encouragement. With 869 pins, there’s plenty to love. Some fonts are simple yet classy, especially if you’re in search of calligraphy or hand lettering. This board also has a great selection of graphic design-worthy fonts. Think lettering made from blocks of cheese and fonts using optical illusions. It’s amazing!

If you ever find yourself having a dull day, head over to one of these Pinterest boards for inspiration. You’ll be amazed at the ideas that can generate as a result!