Do you believe that social media marketing, especially Facebook, is only for B2C companies? Then you might be surprised to learn that business decision makers spend 74% more time on this social media platform than other people. Therefore, Facebook could be a great place to build your network and brand awareness, while connecting to the people who are likely to be the final decision makers to purchase your products.

That’s not the only reason to create a page for manufacturing business on FB though. This is also where you might be able to attract great talent and skilled labor. If today’s youth don’t see the manufacturing sector as their first choice of career, you can help them see the advantages of this sector and connect with them on a personal level. The first step to boosting sales is to have the right talent working for you.

Of course, having a Facebook page means that you can be found easily, attracting qualified leads. This is where you can start a two-way conversation, which can help you take such leads further down your sales funnel. Also, keeping your social profile current establishes credibility and relevance for your company. Here’s what else you can do to ensure that your Facebook page drives sales.

Engage, Engage, Engage

The key goal of an FB page is to attract prospects. For this, you need to engage your target audience through your posts. Make sure that you post educational content regarding your industry and products regularly. This is because research shows a 131% rise in customer willingness to purchase after reading educational content.

People don’t want you to pitch as them all the time. It could actually turn off prospects. Use your posts to build rapport and connect with your target audience. So, include facts, photos, questions, links interesting articles and more. Put in photos of company events to humanize your brand too.

Showcase Your Offerings

Use high quality photos to showcase your products. If you have recently participated in an event where you displayed your products, photos of your booth, product displays and staff members at the venue could work well. If you’ve recently achieved a milestone or are launching a product, high-res images and explanations can work well. If you can get videos or images of your offerings in action, that would be great too.

In fact, explainer videos and demo videos work well to attract attention. People tend to click on videos more often than they do a text-based article.

Run Contests

Contests work brilliantly, especially if you are giving away great prizes at the end. After all, who doesn’t love winning something? Even CEOs do. But make sure the contest is relevant to your industry and brand. You could even ask participants to share their email address to participate. This will help you build a good database for future emails campaigns and newsletters.

You don’t even need to give the winner a free lunch, you could donate to a cause in their name. And, don’t forget to promote your contest well ahead of the start date.

Boost Your Posts

The Boost Post feature on Facebook is not just simple to use, it gets results that are measurable. Below each post on your company’s Facebook page, you will see an option to “Boost Post.” When you click this, you see a pop-up that gives you multiple options to target the right audience, including location, age, gender, interests and more. This way, your post will be visible to the right people.

You can also choose the budget for boosting the post. This way, you get to create a “Sponsored Story” that will appear in the news feed of the targeted audience.

Apart from all these, make sure to complete all the contact details for your business when you create your Facebook page. Update it whenever needed, to ensure that people can contact you easily.