Whether you’re looking to boost sales, build your email list, or increase the number of registrants at your next company event, a Call to Action (CTA) button on your website or email is imperative to drive website conversions from potential customers through your lead funnel.

Of course, not all CTAs are created equal. While some CTAs encourage visitors to sign up to a service or buy a product, others promote social media pages, newsletter subscriptions, or free trials. 

That said, you may see your conversions drop if you don’t clearly curate your copy or if your CTA button is badly designed, poorly placed, or too assertive. To ensure conversions, check out the following CTA button hacks to engage potential customers and improve your bottom line. 

#1 Set Clear Website Conversion Goals

Your first step should always be to define how each CTA button you include fits into your overall marketing strategy. A common misconception is that all CTAs are sales focused. This is not the case. 

Rather, in addition to the standard “buy now” or “add to cart,” there are many other familiar CTAs including directives to:

  • Follow you on social media
  • Subscribe to your emails or newsletters
  • Download free resources
  • Start a free trial

The CTA buttons you employ should be as numerous as your sales and marketing goals. You’ll want to ensure that your CTA buttons address common user concerns or inquiries. For example, a skincare company that touts naturally made moisturizer may want to employ a “Learn More” button that leads potential customers to their ingredient and manufacturing standards to educate readers on their unique practices. 

Additionally, that same skincare company may wish to gain more followers on social media to improve their brand’s awareness and establish themselves as experts in the natural skincare field. To meet this goal, they can include a CTA button to “Follow Us on Social Media” that directs users to their Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok page.

#2 Create Compelling Copy

Once you’ve clarified your objective for each button, you can then craft the most effective copy with these three steps:

  1. Start with a clear action verb
  2. Keep it concise
  3. Avoid industry jargon or acronyms

For example, if you want to grow your email lists before your next big marketing campaign, you might offer a free resource on your website with the CTA button “Download here!” It’s active, easy to understand, and to the point. They’ll receive valuable content, and you’ll receive a potential new customer.

#3 Embrace the Rainbow

Marketers are no strangers to color theory. The colors you choose build brand perception and evoke certain emotions among your customers. However, you can’t just pick any color for your CTA buttons.

Why? Not all colors have the same effect on consumers. In an A/B test, Hubspot found a 21% increase in the conversion rate when they used a red CTA vs. a green button. Other popular colors include:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Yellow

But wait, don’t throw away your style guide just yet. Before you choose a button color, also consider that your customers will never view it in isolation. For example, if your web design relies heavily on the color black, then a black CTA button isn’t likely to stand out. 

Instead, the CTA button’s color should contrast with its background. That contrast can come in two forms:

  • High contrast – These are complementary colors, like blue and red
  • Low contrast – These are analogous colors, like orange and red

While high-contrast colors stand out more, low-contrast colors can be more cohesive. Ideally, you’ll find a balance between colors that are distinct and colors that match so that the design is both eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

Without a background in graphic design, this balance can be difficult to find. If you’re struggling, consider utilizing a website redesign company to harness your CTA button’s ultimate potential.

#4 Prioritize Website Placement

Once you’ve found colors that click, you’ll also want to optimize the placement of your CTA button. When in doubt, remember the two Fs:

  1. Frequency – It’s best to limit the number of CTA buttons per page or within an advertisement. Including too many options can create decision fatigue, confusing your customers and decreasing your conversion rate.
  2. Format – In addition to experimenting with color, you can also utilize different button shapes and experiment with different button placements. For example, try adding the CTA to the top of the page to make it more prominent.

As with color, the placement of your CTA falls into the realm of design. Sometimes, the most effective option is to explore website redesign services to support your conversion efforts. Otherwise, you might inadvertently undermine your own marketing strategy.

#5 Reduce Risk

You’ve clearly defined your marketing and sales goals. You’ve effectively designed your CTA buttons. Now, it’s time to ensure customers are ready to take that next step. 

Before a potential customer actually clicks the CTA, they might stop to question the commitment of providing their credit card or contact information. Make your consumers feel more comfortable by modifying the copy around your CTA button to include phrases like “30-day free trial” or “guaranteed refunds.”

You can also reduce risk by taking a play out of Hubspot’s book and running A/B tests to decide the final placement, color, and copy of your CTA buttons. If you’re not familiar with this process, recruit a digital agency that can help you confirm the most effective options.

Convert New Leads with Semgeeks

Your CTA button might seem simple, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most essential pitstops for potential customers as they make their way through your lead funnel. By clearly defining your goals, choosing the right copy, color, and placement, and minimizing risks, you can increase your conversion rate and drive traffic where you want it to go.

If you’re ready to supercharge your growth, here’s a call to action: Give Semgeeks a turn at the wheel. We’re a digital agency that leverages your marketing and sales goals to help you convert new leads. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk. 


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