Social media has changed the way we communicate, consume news, share information, and entertain ourselves. With mobile devices and wearable technology, people can plug in no matter where they are or what they are doing. This convenience has led social media to be an integral part of our lives, not just something we do when we’re bored.

Being a social media user is relaxing. Being a social media marketer is not. You must keep your social channels in tip top shape if you want to continue entertaining your audience and bringing in new followers. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your social media marketing strategy going strong.

Work with the Algorithms

Each social media platform has a different way of determining what content is important to users. Thanks to these algorithms, users are shown content that is relevant and helpful to their needs. The more interaction that is done on the social network, the better the algorithm will understand the user.

Algorithms get technical, so you only need to know the basics. For example:

  • Facebook’s algorithm relies heavily on individual user interests rather than the time the content was published. This means that users who regularly interact with your brand are more likely to see your content than someone who is on at the right time.

  • Twitter’s algorithm is based more on timing than user behavior. According to HubSpot, tweeting between the hours of 12pm and 3pm on weekdays results in more click-throughs.  

  • Instagram’s algorithm has made a lot of changes in the past year. Currently, the algorithm is similar to Facebook’s and shows the most relevant content at the top of the feed.

Use the Built-In Metric Tools

One of the best things about social media is the built-in metrics that are available (Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics). As you feature more ads and boosted posts, you can discover the types of content that your followers interact with most and the best times for engagement.

Metrics help you create highly tailored content that reaches the right people in the right moment. But, you must be aware that your users’ interests can change in a split second. Keep on top of the industry trends and the needs of your audience so that you can continue delivering effective content.

Post the Right Content

Social content is the backbone of social media. A post, image, video, gif, or meme all serve the same purpose and can be equally effective. What you must keep in mind is that there are unique audiences on each channel, so you cannot make blanket posts. You either need to share different information on each network, or you need to share it differently.

For example, Facebook has an older crowd. These age groups tend to use the platform for connecting with family and friends, sharing photos, and asking for recommendations on products or places. Stories and images are most favored. Instagram and Snapchat, on the other hand, have younger users that don’t care much for reading. They’d rather be entertained with images, short videos, and fun filters.

Social media is constantly in flux. Keep your strategy in tip top shape so that your audience’s appetite for engaging content is always being fed.