Where your college is located plays a huge role in the decision making process for young students. While you don’t need your school to be situated in a large, bustling city to look attractive, you do need something to draw students in. No one wants to attend a university that is all school and no fun. People love college towns – and for good reason – even if that college town is in the middle of nowhere.

How can you make your college environment sound refreshing and unique? It all boils down to the qualities of your school that can’t be found in other places. Maybe it’s nearby recreational activities or a small downtown area with places to visit on the weekends. Consider how your specific location can be a selling point for students and roll with it.

How to Make Your College’s Location Appealing

As you brainstorm some of the ways that your place on the map is unique, here are ideas for marketing your location.

  • Big city vs rural town. Some people love the city life and others enjoy the peacefulness of a rural town. Highlight the benefits to your geographic region and the right students will appreciate it. A big city will have unlimited activities and resources, but it can’t compete with a tight-knit community.

  • Affordability. Where a school is located can affect tuition rates. Colleges and universities in large cities tend to have a higher price tag because of the amenities and status. Plus, it costs money to enjoy the city! If your college is in a small town, remind prospective students that rural living is more affordable.

  • Social opportunities. Whether a student is an introvert or extrovert, friends are important at this age. What types of social opportunities does your location provide? Students like knowing that they can have a rich and active social life. Put together a guide that features local venues, nightclubs and restaurants.

  • Climate. Climate plays a role in school selection. Some of the most popular colleges are located near sun, surf, and beach, but not all. Seeing all four seasons is beautiful as well – a treat that can be experienced in a Midwest or East Coast university.

  • Future opportunities. Students value institutions that have nearby internships and job opportunities. If your school is well-known in a particular region, let students know! A degree from your institution will be valued by local employers.

Your school’s geography is just one more asset to include in your digital marketing strategy. To create highly personalized messaging, consider your audience and the things they would love about your environment. Surely there is plenty!