Anything that will make your life easier is good, right? Of course. When it comes to WordPress, there are actually quite a few plugins that reduce headache and frustration. Here are some of our favorite apps that will make your life more productive.


The xfile plugin is a file manager for WordPress. As long as you are on a Linux server, you can browse through all of your files in the WP installation directory. Create new folders, copy or move files, compress files into zip files and so forth. You can also edit the permissions, change the visual theme and more.

Simple Author Box

You know the ‘About the Author’ section at the end of your articles? This plugin allows you to customize the section so that your readers’ eyes are enticed to read about the creator of the article. Features include avatars, Google web fonts and links for social media, among others.


Twig lets you create WP themes with its specialized Twig language. Rather than coding in data with raw PHP, the simplified tags that are similar to HTML can be used instead. You should feel more comfortable with this, and you can still use plain PHP if you choose.


If you’re interested in bringing more hype to your background, FullBack is for you. This plugin allows users to put a full-screen background on their site. The plugin is super easy to use: upload your photo, choose the alignment and tiling, and you’re all set!

Memoria Ticket System

The Memoria Ticket System allows you to make help tickets which can then be saved as a custom post type. From here, they can be managed from the admin panel. Since they are public, the tickets can also be retrieved from the front end. The plugin does include a form that is customizable to some degree, and you’re able to use CSS. Simply use the shortcode in the post or template that you want to create your ticket system.

Custom Feeds

With this plugin, you can put together custom RSS feeds. To use it, enter in the slug that the taxonomy uses and include a description. You’re all set!

Nite Shortcodes

If you want to customize posts and pages embedded in your content, you’ll find this plugin to be helpful. It’s especially neat because you can spice up your content without having to open the template. Some of the elements that can be added include colorful buttons, alert boxes and drop caps.

OSD Outdated Browser

If you want to show a simple, customizable message when a user enters your site with an outdated browser, this plugin is for you.

Media Taxonomies

This simple plugin gives images, videos and other types of media files taxonomies and categories of their own.

User Login Log

If you have multiple users logging in, you can track them using this plugin. You can sort users by User ID, Username, the IP address or time of day. It’s a handy tool for keeping track of who’s doing what.