Did you know that by 2020, nearly 3 billion people will be using email? That’s half of our world’s population! Already, 205 billion emails are sent each day, and this number is expected to increase to 246 billion by the end of next year.

Not only can you efficiently connect with customers using email, but also drive customer acquisition and retention. And, we can’t forget that email marketing offers a huge return on investment. For every $1 spent, you can anticipate a return of $38.

Knowing what a huge asset email marketing is, you cannot overlook its worth for your business. By refreshing your emails with a new design, bold colors, and stylish font, they will stand out and drive conversions. Below we share some of our favorite design tips for email marketing.

Use Colors to Your Advantage

Colors are for more than making designs pretty. They also influence people’s emotions. Keep in mind that consumers buy on emotion, so you can use color to your advantage. Do you want your customers to feel stylish? Confident? Healthy? You can learn more about adding color to your brand in a previous post.

Apply Multiple Font Types

In love with several different fonts? Use them all! By complementing font types, you can create hierarchy. For example, you may use large, bold serif fonts to make the title stand out and smaller, non-serif fonts for the body of the email. Experiment with different colors, too. This is another way to make the more important text stand out.

Add GIFs for More Impact

We know that videos are a great marketing tool, but not all email services support them. If a customer opens an email and can’t load the video, it cuts into their experience. The better option is to add a GIF. These animations do an excellent job of delighting users. They can also be used for storytelling purposes.

Match Emails to Your Website

As fun as it is to try out various fonts and colors, don’t stray too far from your website. Think of your emails as being an extension of your brand. They should look and feel familiar to your other promotional materials. You can do this by adding a logo, including brand colors, and incorporating similar design features. This builds trust that can lead to increased conversions.

Choose a Simple Design

Minimal designs are best for emails because they allow you to cut to the point and share the appropriate message with your customers. Do you have a sale going on? A new product being launched? The opportunity to win something special? Limit distractions and include one very noticeable CTA button. The goal is to have recipients open their email and know exactly what to do.


To determine what design features are best for your email marketing campaigns, you must know who your subscribers are and what they want. Thankfully, you can easily test your campaigns to see which colors, images, CTAs, formats, and more lead to better engagement and conversion rates. As you notice trends in open and click through rates, you will better understand the features your audience prefers.