In the past, universities poured their time, energy and advertising budget into maximizing fall enrollment. With many universities facing increasingly higher enrollment rates, schools were left with the difficult decision of sending away applicants who may have been a great match for their program. Once turned away, students rarely apply again, and this is a missed opportunity for colleges and universities that are often limited on resources.

Today’s scene is different, and that’s a good thing for both students and universities. The newest trend we’re seeing is spring enrollment, which refers to enrolling students for a spring start rather than a fall one.

Benefits for Students

For the student, enrolling in the spring semester offers many advantages.

First, there are more resources available and less chaos on campus. Second, spring enrollees have the option of attending their top school choice when they could have otherwise been given a rejection. Third, students may have the option to live on campus, pursue other academic interests and take college courses through an extension program or community college, getting them up to speed by the time spring rolls around.

As a university, it’s important that you stress the advantages of spring enrollment, as some students will be disappointed with a late start. With a well-built spring admissions program, you can re-channel disappointment and make the most of the students’ experience.

Benefits for Higher Institutions

For your institution, spring enrollment offers huge rewards. It allows you to take advantage of more students and separate yourself from other colleges by offering a strong spring admissions program that includes extension opportunities where students can live on campus, enjoy the student life experience and finish their degree on time. As you can imagine, this will open up a world of new opportunities and a new category of students.

Your higher institution will need the appropriate resources, which can be amended over time to fit the unique needs of your students. While you will need to fill the gaps for these students, you can also enjoy less pressure from having to maximize resources in the fall due to overcrowded dorms and classes. In fact, a simple boost in spring admissions can enhance the college experience for students in the fall as well.

Bottom line: Spring enrollment is an excellent opportunity for both students and institutions. It offers students an acceptance, and this puts the choice in their hands. For universities, it allows them to expand their student base, improve their reputation, be more accommodating and maximize student life experiences.

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