Is your higher institution tied strongly to your history? While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can make it difficult to change the perception that prospective students have of your school. If you’ve adopted new programs or renovated your campus, you want people to see your institution in a new light. However, without a new brand image, you might find your school stuck with the same public perception.

Creating a new brand image isn’t something that’s done overnight. It’s a long, intensive process that involves developing a new brand and messages and sharing them with your audience. Below are a few things to consider to help determine if it’s time for a new image.

Does Your Current Image Display Your Personality?

All colleges and universities must have a personality, as this is what connects people to them. Parents tend to choose schools that reflect their morals and values and will accommodate their children’s needs. Prospective students also sway toward schools that have personalities that fit their own. If your current image does not accurately portray your personality, it’s a strong indication that a new image is needed.

What Impression Does Your Image Give Off?

Your brand image is the first impression of your school. With so many higher institutions vying for the attention of junior and senior high school students, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Therefore, your image must make a strong first impression when recruiting students online. It should align with your core values and be consistent across all marketing channels and materials.

Is Your Image Credible and Trustworthy?

A college education is a significant investment, usually for both students and their parents. Your school might give off a great vibe, but do people actually trust and believe in your program? You don’t need to be a well-known college or university to be credible, but it does help. You’ve probably noticed that some of the most prominent schools also have the strongest reputations. As you create a new brand image for your institution, don’t forget the importance of affiliations and testimonials from alumni.

Does Your Branding Sell Your School?

Do you feel that your current brand image is doing an effective job at selling your program? Both print and digital marketing materials are meant to be an asset to your admissions and enrollment departments. If they aren’t being used, this is a strong indication that your current promotional materials are not helping to sell your school. It’s time to revamp your strategy and create a fresh, new appearance to go with it.

Is it time to create a new school image? Moving forward is exciting, as you’ll be able to breathe new life into your institution and capture attention from highly qualified prospects. Don’t rush into this process, however. To ensure that you are successful, you must be prepared to invest the proper funds and time into establishing your new vision.