A business website is a 21st-century calling card. When someone hears about your company, your website is most likely the first place they visit to discover more. 

While a website serves several purposes, its first duty is to act as a screening mechanism—it influences how customers perceive your business and can establish your company as an expert in the field. And if it’s properly designed, a site can build trust and direct visitors to take action.

Want to wow everyone that comes to your website? Here are some web design elements you should focus on to demonstrate a commitment to high standards in tech.  

#1 Is It Easy to Navigate? 

The most fundamental requirement for a functioning website is intuitive navigation. 

For a good user experience (UX), a site visitor—no matter their age or web literacy—should be able to quickly and easily move about the site to locate the information they’re searching for. 

Whether they want to visit a product page, read your blog, or discover more about your company, they should not have to spend more than a few seconds before they fully master your site’s design. A clunky interface will immediately seed doubts in a user’s mind about the quality and trustworthiness of your business. 

By considering your desired outcomes and your target persona, you can create customized user flows that will most likely encourage both first-time and repeat visitors to stay on the site for longer, and, ideally, take an action on the site. 

#2 Do You Openly and Loudly Support User Privacy

We’re in the midst of a transition into a cookie-less age. In response to users’ overwhelming outcry for increased privacy and control over their data, major companies like Apple and Google have made changes to their data practices. And other companies are following suit.  

As a result, if a business wants to show a commitment to high standards in tech, that starts and ends with consent-based advertising and data transparency on their website. You can champion this mindset with a privacy-by-design ethos, which includes the following elements: 

  • Privacy as a default setting that’s built into the system
  • Privacy embedded into the product design 
  • End-to-end website data security
  • Opt-in tracking 
  • Transparency about your organization’s privacy practices and policies  

#3 Is The Site-Design Web-Friendly and Responsive?

Is your website mobile-friendly? Do pages load and respond quickly? 

Your website must be accessible to all users, no matter the device they’re on or the browser they use. Few elements will turn off a would-be customer faster than pages that take forever to load or a site that doesn’t automatically fit their screen. 

This factor is especially important for 21st-century digital businesses like SaaS companies. Because, if you struggle just to get the basics of website design and functionality right, how can you ask them to trust you when it comes to more advanced technology?

#4 Is The Layout Visually Appealing?

Your website is a reflection of your business. And since humans are visual creatures, the visual appeal of your website is of utmost importance. 

It doesn’t need to be cluttered and loud to demonstrate a level of sophistication. In fact, often, simplicity in design is a more pleasing aesthetic. What matters is that your website aligns with your brand look and identity. 

That being said, there are several practices to strengthen your site’s appearance, including: 

  • Using plenty of white space 
  • Deploying a grid-based design for site organization
  • Incorporating captivating pictures
  • Writing clean and simple branded copy 
  • Embedding videos 
  • Adding patterns, color schemes, brand logos, icons, and graphics 

Semgeeks—Designing Websites with Your Audience in Mind

If you want to demonstrate a commitment to high standards in tech, your website is the place to start since it often serves as the initial touch point with a prospective customer. 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? As a digital agency and website redesign company, we can help you create a sleek, compelling site design that reflects your company’s value and leaves a lasting impression.  

Contact us today to learn more about our web design services. 


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