As you probably already know, digital marketing is not limited to Fortune 500 companies. Colleges and universities across the world use digital marketing to attract students and boost enrollment. These strategies have helped schools bring in new students throughout the year, instead of limiting new enrollment to the fall semester. With more flexibility, colleges are able to meet their enrollment goals while offering personalized services for students.

As we creep into the summer months, it’s time to start thinking about summer and fall enrollment. This is a busy time of year, but the competition is steep, too. Let’s dig into some of the most effective digital marketing strategies to boost summer and fall enrollment for your university.

Social Media

According to Article 3, one in three universities say that social media is an effective way to reach their target audience. By being visible on social media, your university can effectively recruit undergraduate students on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Some of the best things to share on social media include:

  • Interesting facts

  • Admission statistics

  • Virtual college tours

  • Information about college life

  • Blogs from current or international students

  • Dates and times of upcoming events

  • Scores and stats for athletics

  • Athletic spotlights

  • Student profiles


When a prospective student visits your website, the relationship shouldn’t end there. It takes a lot of time to decide on a university, and connecting with prospective students at a later date will remind them of your presence and what your school has to offer. With remarketing, students are shown ads after visiting your website that are relevant to your university. Remarketing tools can be so precise, you can target specific audiences, such as those interested in summer classes or a particular program.

Email Marketing

With so many young people getting their news from mobile devices, email marketing is an effective way to connect with students. Targeted email marketing strategies allow you to focus on a particular group of students, while tracking metrics such as open rates and click throughs. Also, students are more likely to choose a school where they feel recognized and appreciated, so personalizing emails is a smart move.

Digital marketing is an effective tool for colleges and universities, so be sure to develop your strategies to boost summer and fall enrollment.