I interned at Semgeeks in the summer of 2018, and overall, I had a great experience. I have always had a passion for digital marketing since I declared my marketing major at Rider University. Through my classes, I thought I had a great understanding of digital marketing. It wasn’t until I had a hands on experience working at Semgeeks that my knowledge truly expanded. When I first landed an internship at Semgeeks, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was afraid that I might be sitting in a dull cubicle doing busy work each day. However, this was not the case. When I first walked in, I noticed music playing in the background, and the office was not like the typical office I imagined. It was very open and comfortable, which inspired communication, creativity, and collaboration among members of the marketing team. I was not alone in a dull cubicle, nor treated any differently than the full-time employees. I was never asked to get coffees or do any other busy work. Instead, I was challenged to take on various assignments ranging from creating blog content to creating and scheduling social media content, and much more.

 At Semgeeks, I focused mainly on creating social media calendars, scheduling posts, and managing social media accounts for Semgeeks and its clients. Through these tasks, I was given the opportunity to learn a lot of helpful tips to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of social media marketing. As Head of Marketing and Communications Chairman of my fraternity at Rider, I am in charge of running the social media accounts for one of the largest organizations on campus. However, I had never learned how to make the most out of marketing via social media from any of my marketing classes. After my internship at Semgeeks concluded, I was able to utilize the new skills I had learned to better my performance in this position, and the results spoke for themselves. 

In addition to social media marketing, I was given the opportunity to assist with marketing and preparation for Semgeeks’ large digital marketing conference, the New Jersey Digital Marketing Conference, that summer. When attending the conference, I was encouraged to network with hundreds of professionals within my field of interest, and was able to listen successful speakers from companies like Unbounce and Google. Through these networking opportunities, I was able to take notes and apply the marketing concepts I learned to my own marketing ventures. 

In the office, the Semgeeks staff always made sure I was comfortable, and were extremely open to any questions I had, whether my inquiries were about something I was tasked to do and didn’t understand, or if I just wanted to ask a question to better understand part of the digital marketing process. I was asked to sit in on meetings where I got a good taste of how all the different aspects of digital marketing come together to form one cohesive process. I am extremely thankful that I was given the opportunity to work at Semgeeks that summer. I broadened my skill set through hands on experience with SEO, content creation, social media marketing, and everything in between–skills you simply cannot learn in the classroom alone.