Are you thinking about running an Instagram ad but don’t know where to start? Advertising on Instagram offers a wide range of opportunities as the ads can incorporate pictures and video, plus won’t interrupt the user experience. Since the ads are based on the types of things users interact with on Instagram and Facebook, they are highly tailored to each user.

Before you dive in with an Instagram ad for your business, here are a few creative and fun ideas for inspiration.

Samsung Mobile

Smartphone commercials never fail to impress viewers thanks to their powerful graphics and compelling music. The trouble is, viewers can’t interact with the phones. Until now. Last year, Samsung Mobile ran an ad where they featured the new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphones. The image showed three phones to highlight the new features as well as the quality of photos that users could expect.

New York Times

The famous New York Times crossword puzzle was recently featured on an Instagram ad. Users were asked to solve the puzzle, drawing them in from the start. When the puzzle was completed, users felt proud and established positive connections with the brand. These good vibes made it more likely for users to click or share the ad.


Have you ever felt stressed before? Who hasn’t! The Headspace app is a wonderful tool to rely on. It features daily 10-minute meditation sessions that you can squeeze in anywhere. Last year, the company ran an ad that featured a countdown clock to show users how they can erase anxiety in just 10 minutes. We say that’s worth a second look!


Monster makes the job search process a bit more fun. This humor shines through in one of their latest Instagram ads that shared ideas for explaining gaps in employment using the movie Castaway. This ad was successful for a couple of reasons. First, it used video content, which research shows to be more engaging. Second, it prompted curiosity in job seekers.

Method Home

If you haven’t cleaned with Method Home products yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! These eco-friendly products are made from non-toxic ingredients that smell great and are effective. A recent ad from the sustainable brand promoted a sweepstakes where winners would receive dish soap and other goodies.

Instagram is full of creative and entertaining ads that you can’t help but pay attention to. Many of the ads are interactive, which not only catches the user’s eye but also encourages participation. This creates connections and associates the brand with fun and innovation. We hope these creative Instagram ads have inspired you to test out the waters with your products and services!