Digital marketing is one of the ideal ways to reach multiple demographic groups at one time. The world is becoming digitally advanced and more people rely on technology to stay connected to enterprise and personal connections. Marketing in a smart way, using digital options, can help campaigns make a larger impact bringing businesses more revenue.

Integrate Real-Time Marketing Strategies

Real-time marketing is a strategy that uses breaking news events, globally impacting events, and national events as a means to market directly, but still indirectly, to consumers. For example, if a major sporting event is occurring soon, it is a good idea to create a marketing campaign with a special promotion attached just for that event’s date. It is taking an event and using it to directly benefit your business.

Once you have the analytics from these campaigns, you will be able to see which demographic groups are interacting with real-time marketing advertisements the most.

Marketing Personas

Marketing personas are important. Each persona should be used to market to specific groups, which will help them identify with the advertisements better. Millennials are an important group to market to as they are the next generation of the nation’s economic development. The persona created for this demographic group should be trendy, approachable, and interactive.

Real-time marketing strategies can be integrated with your marketing personas. If you have one that is underperforming, try something new. If that does not produce better results, consider removing that persona and creating a new one. It is vital to revisit personas every month and review their analytics to see which is performing and which is failing to make the proper adjustments moving forward.

Implementing Instagram Digital Marketing Opportunities

Instagram’s membership is increasing on a daily basis. Not only is it another option for society to connect with friends and family, but brands are also sharing fun content on Instagram. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so the photo and caption that your business posts has to be designed to grab society’s attention.

Companies that get on-board with using trending social media platforms to interact with consumers are seen as trending, up-to-date, and have the ability to adapt and change with the times.

Lower Cart Abandonment Rates

Abandoned online shopping carts are an opportunity waiting for a brand’s reaction. After a shopping cart has been abandoned, typically when a consumer leaves it stagnant for more than 48 hours, send a friendly email. Reminding a consumer that they have items in a shopping cart results in more revenue as consumers go back to complete their purchase. It does also help to send along a promotion as an incentive to clear their cart by completing the purchase and receiving free shipping, as an example, with a special code.

Video Marketing through Social Media

Video marketing is an influential way to market. Consumers are more likely to watch a video with content attached than just read plain text content. Video content inclusion, in web content and on social media, increases by an average of 3.6 times annually. The attention span of consumers is lessening as technology grabs the attention of much of society. It is ideal to make a big impact in a short amount of time in a video.

Video content is shared more frequently than plain text content. In terms of reaching a bigger audience, offering more of this type of content is a good starting point.

Improve Content Marketing

Content is always going to be a relevant need for brands. It is a good idea to share content on social media so that it can be viewed by a larger audience. This leads to content sharing and back linking from well-respected brands. Using content marketing for business-to-business (B2B) purposes is an ideal way for your brand to build its reputation and be seen as an industry leader. It also helps your brand develop better inter-industry relationships for longevity.

Mobile-Friendly Marketing

Most of society is mobile and most of society uses their mobile devices to access email, social media, and work platforms. Marketing in a mobile-friendly way not only helps your overall SEO practices but shows that your company adapts to change and wants to cater to multiple audiences. Any email campaigns that are created should also be available in a mobile-friendly version, where images and video content are displayed within the content of the email. Ensure that all of your web advertisements and content is also mobile-friendly for the best results.

Bottom Line

It is important to work directly with your marketing team to discuss the results of every campaign. The team should also be aware that it is their priority to make adjustments to current trends to maximize the company’s revenue potential from carefully created marketing campaigns. It may be ideal to construct your marketing team of individuals from multiple generations to have the most impact on multiple levels as possible.